The Digimon Episode that Would Never Be... Part II

(The Digimon Episode that Eould Never Be should be read first. If you haven't read it, I suggest you go back and do so.)

by: ChronoEevee133

NARR3: The 7 are still at the pokemon studios,when a flat bubble appears.
FEMALE VOICE: You ignoramises!
NARR3:Kari steps out of the bubble followed by Solomon.
KARI:Why did you fools leave me back in that damn place ?
Thee Izzster:What the hell is that?
NARR3:Kari looks at the group with anger in her eyes untill she sees T.K. and smiles.
TAI:where did Narr.1 and 2 go?
NARR3: NARR1 wouldn't call Izzy Thee Izzster.NARR2 got beat up and scared away by
MATT:where are you anyway?...........Answer me you s.o.b.
JOE:(trying to get the eyeshadow off)Shut up.
Narr3:Thee Izzster,I mean Thee Idiot leaves the room.
Thee Izzster:What did you call me?
NARR3:you heard me.
Thee Izzster:Get down here and fight, or are you too chic-
NARR3:Mimi punches Thee Izzster.
Thee Izzster:(dazed )That's better.
MATT:I gotta go.
MATT:None of your...
NARR3:Piximon steps out of the bubble.
SORA:I thought I got rid of you.
TAI:I'll finish the job.
NARR3:He pulls out a small bottle of gasolene and pours it over Piximon.
TAI:Agumon get your butt over here and get rid of him.
JOE:Shouldn't we get out of here before we get blown to bits?!?!
AGUMON:Pepper Breath poi!
NARR3:Whew.Everyone lands on the street, the digimon are in their in-training forms.
TAI:I love fires.
MATT:And Sora.
MATT:It's pretty obvios.
SORA:What about you and Mimi?
NARR3:She flashes a gun.
THEE IZZSTER:Don't forget T.K. and Kari.
NARR3:From the fire steps Piximon.
PIXIMON:PIXIBALL LIGHT!Hahahaa!Now you can't say anything a 5year old can't hear.
PIXIMON:T.K. just try to swear.
T.K:No prob.Piximon you're a daa...
NARR3:everyone is confused.
TAI:Where'd your capitals go?
NARR3:Shut the heee.That ain't fair. Piximon you know I'm not with them!
PIXIMON:Like I care.
NARR3:I'd leave ,but I get paid too much.
MATT:You get paid to spy on us?
NARR3:She throws a grenade and deletes Piximon.
SORA:See ya later aaa.AAAaa....It can't be .He's gone but we can't curse.
NARR3:Kari pulls out and drinks a small bottle of beer.
NARR3:Mimi stuffs her hands in her pockets,feels the pokeball,and tosses it.A big box comes out and the digimon start talking.
SORA:I was hopin' to blow it up.
TAI:I was hopin' to sacrafice it.
T.K:I was hopin' to eat it.
NARR3:Everyone gives him the drugs look.
MIMI:Lets stuff the digimon in there.
NARR3:They do that.Matt walks to the rubble,and searches it.
MATT:(Whispers to himself)He got away!
KARI:They aren't quiet.
NARR3:She opens the cage,drops a small ball in,and smoke seeps out the top.
SORA:They'll be out a while.
T.K:Does anyone know where I can shave?
MIMI:Where'd you get that eyeshadow?
JOE:Some old woman near the subway.
NARR3:She knocks him down and puts her foot on his chest.
MIMI:I WANT EYESHADOW!We wouldn't have to go through this if you just let me stay at the Gekomon castle.
TAI:I wish we had.
NARR3:She pushes harder.
MIMI:Stupid hormonal guys.
THEE IZZSTER:We are not stupid hormonal guys!
NARR3:He remembers the pretty girl.
MIMI:Yeah right.
TAI:Get off!
MATT:(Punches the rubble) HE GOT AWAY!
TAI:I wonder what would happen if I stuck a match down his throat.
T.K:Can I have one.
NARR3:He gives T.K. the rest of the pack.
NARR3:He lights a cigarette.
MATT:HEY! Back off Tai.
NARR3:At the subway station, Matt sees Ash and takes one of Sora's guns.He runs twords Ash.
NARR3:No one saw it but the other 7 losers.Ash fell.Matt thew the gun at Sora ,checked Ash,and got punched.
NARR3:Ash gets away.Sora punches Matt over and over again.
SORA:I told you idiots not to touch my weapons!
MATT:Tai,tell you gilfriend to back off.
TAI:No way. This is too entertainig.Plus she's loaded.
NARR3:You can cuss now.Mimi sees the eyeshadow lady and takes a bottle when she's not looking.
NARR3:Narr1 and/or2it's your turn,I've had enough of the digidipwads.Don't expect a special ending from me.

*The Digmon Episode that Would Never Be... Part III will be coming soon!*
...and by soon, I mean, maybe next millenium...