The Digimon Episode that would Never Be

(Something that would never happen in a Digimon episode)
The Digimon Episode That Would Never Be
by *happyfish* and *Sora Takenouchi17*
Episode 2 985 376(canadians use spaces, it's probably the first thing you knew about us, you dumb ass Americans)

T.K. : is the drug addict, likes to use excessive swearing. He smokes and drinks (well no duh!)

Mimi : Is abusive for no reason, gradually she steals more and more in these stories ( yet to come )...oh yeah and she's gothic.

Matt : Works for happyfish (aka her Mafia name Diana de Fontella ) In these stories he is sent by Diana to kill Ash Ketchum of Pokemon. To his Italian friends Matt goes by the name of Maffy de Leoni. ( If you didn't get it by now, he's in the Italian Mafia. )

Tai : is the sacrificial freakis. Also a pyro...

Joe : Joe by day, Jolene by night. Enough said.

Izzy : Likes to be called Thee Izzster...( that's scary...)he likes to take pills. We all hope it's successful that he kills himself...just kidding...

Sora : Is the one who likes bombs, guns, hand grenades, pistols, shotguns, knives etc. Don't ever touch her weapons...

Oh and Narr: = the Narrarator!


Narr. : Well our fellow Digimon cast has arrived to Earth for the first time in... well let's just say in a long time.

T.K. : Finally I'm here, now I can shave. Hey Patamon you got any acid?

Patamon : Hey who the fuck do you think I am? Any acid I receive is for me. I ain't no drug lord!

Joe : I gotta go work...

Matt : Hey isn't Pokemon on? Does anybody know where the studio is?

Joe : Yeah it's on the corner of Wertyu and Poiuy. But don't go there girlfriend. (he does the snap snap thing to go with it)

Sora : Hey! I had 477 hand grenades but now I only have 475! Where are they? Somebody better tell me!

Joe : Uh...hey how did these get into my purse?

Tai : You have a purse? Can I burn it?

T.K. : Hey Tai you got any flammage so I can light up my joint? Hey Charmander, get your buns over here!

Charmader : Can't you see I have a hangover? Oh what the hell...if you wanna touch my buns go ahead. Please rub them in a circular motion.

T.K. : Hey have you ben' usin' my drugs again?

Izzy : As I see it, you people are quite strange from a logical standpoint of course. Hey, anyone know where I can locate some aspirin?

T.K. : Why? Have YOU been using my drugs?

Mimi : (punches Izzy) Damn you...

Matt : Well, it's time for me to go to... that place that I have to go to... that isn't on the corner of Wertyu and Poiuy...(He jumps out the window and lands on a pointy rock.) I'll get used to that...yep yep...

Izzy : Hey, to my keen senses I have detected that our fellow group member, that goes by the name of Sora, is absent at this moment of time. Did anyone take notice of this besides me?

T.K. : Dude, shut the hell up...why you gotta say all that shit when you could a jus' said "Where the fuck is Sora at?" Hey, where is that whore?

Tai : Shut up asshole...

Mimi : Your no better Tai, your like a sacrificial freakis.

T.K. : Well at least I ain't poor that I have to steal everything that I want.

Tai : So, at least I'm not screwed like you, all those drugs make you a fucked up little boy.

T.K. : Hey only three times, four if you count that time I was really hammered...

Tai : That's just old are you? Like seven?

Mimi : Not even. I think he's like five.

T.K. : Hey I'm eight...

Narr. : Everyone turns away in disgust, Tai breaks the silence by saying:

Tai : How can you get laid? Some people must be desperate...or just really wasted...or perverted...or maybe you paid them lots of money...hey I gotta try that.

Mimi : Thats gross, stupid hormonal guys...

Izzy : Hey, shut up. We are not stupid hormonal guys.

Narr. : Izzy spots a pretty girl and starts to drool...then a small lake appears between his shoes.

Izzy : No way! We are not hormonal losers...and I never looked at that pretty girl... (he mutters under is breath damn she's fine!)

Tai : So, what do you guys wanna do?

Mimi : Stuff...

T.k. : No, he means what do you wanna smoke? I got weed, roaches, some hits of acid, couple of joints... (he keeps on rambling on about what he has)

Izzy : Shut up, who would ever wanna smoke your shit.

Tai : Wow, you made a dramatic change in the way you talk. What for?

Izzy : What do you mean what for? You better recogonize.

Narr. : Izzy reaches to Tai to punch him but he's off by a few square kilometres. Some pills from his front pocket fall out.

Mimi : Why are you taking these? Are you trying to kill yourself? Cause it'd better be sucessful.

Izzy : How nice, I'll try to meet your demanding needs, your highness.

Mimi: You'd better.

Tai : Let's go find those ditchers okay?

T.K. : Who gives a damn bout' them?

Izzy : For now on I'll be known as Thee Izzster.

Narr. : I'm not calling you Thee Izzster, that's mega-whacked!

Izzy : Damn you!

Tai : No, Damn you!

Mimi : Damn you both!

T.K. : Shut the fuck up you damn losers! Lets get the hell out of here already.

Narr. : They head off in the direction of the explosions and find Sora at the corner of Wertyu and Poiuy.

Sora : What the hell are you guys doing here? Can't you see I'm attempting to be a mass murderer here?

Izzy : Hey, look at that girl, she's fine...

Tai : Hey look! it's Joe! No wait! How come he's wearing a dress?!?

T.K. : What the fuck? Boy, you trippin'-No wait, I'm trippin'.

Joe : It's not what it looks like... it's... uh... I was forced into this buisness!

Narr. : Joe runs into the nearest building to change.

Joe : Hey guys, what's up?

Mimi : Hey! that's a nice shade of eyeshadow. Where'd you get it at?

Joe : Shoppers drug ma...-hey! (he tries to wipe it off with his spit.) NO! it's waterproof! I shouldn't have listened to that woman who said that waterproof makeup was in!

Mimi : Hey, isn't that where they make that dumb Pokesomething show? (she points to a building.)

Tai : Oh yeah, that's where Matt was going right T.K.?

T.K. : Sorry man, I was too wasted to notice. Plus I was stoned, and tripping, and high,and... (he, once again, goes on and on.)

Sora : Let's go in... I've always wanted to kill that damn yellow rat.

Tai : NO, I wanna sacrifice it...

T.K. : No, I wanna eat it.

Narr. : Everyone gives T.K. a weird look that says "drugs". They all walk into the building and they find Matt talking to some guys in suits while smoking cigars.

T.K. : Hey what kind are those? Are they imported from. Mexico!

Matt : Uh... hi guys...

Mimi : Hey Matt. What are you doing? (She says casually while slipping a Pokeball into her jacket.)

Matt : Uh... nothing much. (he turns, whispers to the other guys and they walk away.)

Sora : Yeah, so what should we do next?

T.K. : Let's play telephone!

Mimi : I'll go first!(she whispers to Sora): Tai is such a loser.

Sora : (Whispers to Joe) Matt licks nuts.

Joe : (Whispers to T.K.) Izzy sucks shit.

T.K. : (Whispers to Matt) Sora eats chicken balls.

Matt : (Whispers to Tai) Mimi's a lesbian.

Tai : (Whispers to Izzy) Joe's a fag.

Izzy : (Whispers to Mimi) T.K. is one fucked up little boy.

Mimi : What the hell! It started out as 'Tai is such a loser', how did it get to 'T.K. is one fucked up little boy'?!? Sorry, but you guys are seriously dysfunctional.

T.K. : Hey, only three times! If you include the time when-

Tai : We heard it...Hey you called me a loser Mimi ?! Stupid bitch.

Matt : She's a lesbian not a bitch.

Joe : Yeah well, Sora says you lick nuts.

T.K. : And you said Izzy sucks shit.

Izzy : Oh yeah, it's true that you are one fucked little boy, I told Mimi that.

Sora : What was said about me?!

Everybody except for one: uh-oh...

T.K. : I said that you eat chicken balls...pretty cool eh?

Izzy : But yeah, so what should do now? Plus, who was the one to bring up the telephone idea?

T.K. : Me...pretty cool eh?

Matt : Shut the hell up. Your comments are not needed.

Narr. : Then they heard some voices coming from the other room.

Pikachu : OW! FUCKACHU! oops, I mean PikAAAAAHHH!

Sora : He he he

Narr. : Sora walks into the room with a huge smile on her face.

Mimi : Dead?

Sora : Yep.

Narr. : Just then Pikachu walks into the room.

Sora : But I shot you!?!

Pikachu : Pika pika pikachu. (TRANSLATION: That was a stunt double you stupid kid.)

Narr. : Sora pulls out a gun and pulls the trigger. Nothing happens.

Sora : I used my last bullet on a stunt double! Crap!

Tai : That's ok.

Narr. : He puts a bag over Pikachu and carries him off into the next room.

T.K. : What the fuck are you doing?

Izzy : I'm not really doing anything right now.

T.K. : I wasn't talking to you.

Tai : Will you quit announcing everything that we say?

Narr. : It's my job. So fuck off.

Tai : (he mutters to himself.) Stupid asshole. Wish I could sacrifice him along with this rat.

Narr. : Do you think that I can't hear you?

Tai : Shut up. (he slams the door.)

Narr. : That kid is one seriously mega whacked kid.

Tai : (from another room) Hey now your stealin me words! Plus that's not very grammarish.

Narr. : I'll say whatever I want to! You know what? Screw you guys I'm going home...

Narr. 2 : Then Narr. 1 leaves walking arrogantly.

Narr. : Shut up stupid Narrator 2.

Narr. 2 : It's true okay! Maybe you shouldn't walk off arrogantly. How about walking away normally so at least you don't have to sound like an asshole? I think it'd help you get more narratoring jobs if acted like a civilized narrator more. Plus there's a National Narrator Conference on Monday from 10 am to 3 pm. Are you going to it?

Narr. : Maybe. Where is it at?

Narr. 2 : It's at the Narrators Exchange Building downtown.

Narr. : Okay I'll go. Do you think you can pick me up at Wertyu Theater? I have to practise until 9:30.

Narr. 2 : Sure. Hey did you know that Narr. 345 is-

Matt : Excuse me but we'd like to get on with this story.

Narr. : Sorry, do you think you can find it in your heart to forgive me?

Tai : Not really but okay.

Narr. 2 : So Narr. 1 leaves saying that they are coming back tomorrow to continue their job.

Narr. 1 : BYE!

Mimi : So...yeah...and stuff.

Matt : Um...okay

Tai : Uh like yeah...

Joe : Um...stuff...

Sora : Yes...that's it...

Thee Izzster : 'kay there.....

Narr. 2 :

T.K. : Pretty cool eh?

Tai : T.K. you just ruined our One Syllable Sentences! Damn you and your excuses!

T.K. : Uh yeah retard...

Thee Izzster : Too late now. Plus that wasn't a One Syllable Sentence.

T.K. : Damn...too late for me...

Narr. 2 : So these are the sands of the hourglass-no wait that's Days of Our Lives. I work there sometimes...

Sora : Oh great, now you ruined the ending.

Narr. 2 : Sorry, but we're people too, we make mistakes.
But yeah, I'll make a special ending for you guys, that I'll say at the end of each story okay?

T.K. : Sure, what the hurry it up so I can shave!

Narr. 2 : The End

Mimi : Oh yeah that was original!

How did you like that story? Pretty screwed up eh?

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