Izzy Finds Truth
by: Shawn Montez
Author's note: This story is mainly about Izzy. (Duh!) And it is episode 284. ( Currently were at episode, like, 56 or something. Enjoy!)

Narr: The kids are all at their houses when Izzy, up way past his usually wussy bedtime of 7:30, was on his computer. He was looking for dirty stuff when he found a chatroom. It's topic was " parents" so he entered.

Izzy: Hey, what the crap are you talking about Narrator? I'm not looking for dirty stuff, you perverted freak! I didn't go into any chatroom either.

Narr: Sorry, buttwipe.

Izzy: Shut your fat mouth, homo!

Narr: How did you know about Phillip, I mean um, shut up you hacker.

Izzy: Great comeback, butt licker.

Narr: Let's just get on with the story, alright?

Izzy: Fine by me.

Narr: Okay, good. Now Izzy was looking for Digimon stuff when he found an e-mail from Genai. It said " There's an unknown Digimon downtown! You and Tentomon must save us!"

Izzy: That senial old coger, he keeps forgeting that mom took a can of raid to Tentomon. I miss him.I'll call up Tai . He'll probably get lost though, I hate his guts.

Narr: So Izzy calls up Tai.

Tai: Hello?

Izzy: Hey Tai, you suck.

Narr: Izzy laughs and hangs up.Then he walks into his kitchen.

Izzy: What's for supper, woman, I mean " Mom"

Mom: Just because you're adopted doesn't mean you can call me woman. Go to your room!

Narr: Izzy moons his mom and pours his dad's open can of beer in his mom's chicken noodle soup.

Mom: How dare you! Go to your room right now before I smash that computer of yours!

Izzy: I'm going for a walk.

Narr: So Izzy goes outside and takes off a shoe and throws it through a window of his house. Then runs away really fast.

Izzy: I'll go visit Mimi. Maybe she'll finally want me.

Narr: Izzy goes to Mimi's house because of being, um, well horn- I mean in love.

Mimi: Yuck, go away you weird little creep! You have snot all over your face.


Mimi: Ever heard of Kleenex, pig? And why do you have only one shoe, freak?

Izzy: Just let me come in already.

Mimi: No!

Narr: Mimi punches out Izzy and slams the door in his face.

Izzy: Nows my chance to get even, I'll steal Palmon and turn her into Ceaser Salad! Hahahahaha!
End of part one.