The Lost Laptop

by Eta Isiorho

It was another glorious day in Digiland, and the group was walking around the jungle singing their stupid "Digimon fight" song. Every one was singing, every one but Izzy, he was too busy working on his laptop to sing. He didn't like singing any way, he'd much rather type on his laptop.

"Hey!" yelled Tai, " Every one is singing except exept for you Izzy."

"yeah, come on Izzy, why don't you sing with us?" every one said.

" I'd rather gouge my eyes out with my fingers than sing with you gay losers", Izzy mumbled, but said aloud "I just have to down load some more digimon into my computer."

"Oh come on Izzy" Mimi said, " do you seriously have to play with that computer?"

"I'm not playing with it," he shot back hottedly, " for all you know I might be saving your life by entering these digimon into my computer."

" What do you have in there?", Matt asked. As he asked he snatched the computer for Izzy.

"Hey give that back!!!!" yelled Izzy.

"No," said Matt, but as he had the computer in his hand, he accidentally dropped it.

"Nooooooo!!!!!!" yelled Izzy, "My computer!!!!".

"I'm really sorry Izzy", Matt apologized, " I didn't mean to, it just slipped."

"Yeah right," Izzy said through tears, " you did it on purpose."

"No offense, " said Sora, "but i'm glad that your computer broke, you were almost treating it as a real person."

"Yeah me too," said T.K. "but now that your computers broken, you can play and sing with us!"

"But I don't want to sing and play with you" Izzy screamed, " all I want to do is type on my computer and search the internet, but i can't anymore!"

Everyone saw that Izzy was very upset about his computer, but why? It was just a piece of machinery, didn't Izzy like people better? They liked him, but why didn't he like them?

"Izzy," asked Tai " are you alright?"

"Do I look alright?" screamed Izzy. By now Izzy was crying so hard, the group didn't know what to do or say. They tried comforting him, but nothing worked.

"Izzy," said Tentemon, "sometimes in life things just have to get broken."

"Who asked for your opinion?" Izzy yelled at his friend. " The one thing I actually treasured was just broken." And off he ran deeper into the jungle, crying his eyes out, he didn't want to talk or see any body, not even Tentemon.

to be continued....