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Chapter 3 of Sort it out Sora
Part of the Past
`Follow her.' That voice said again. Again I didn't follow her. I turned around and went back to my cot. I saw that Sora wasn't in her sleeping bag. `Oh well. Let that (not very nice word) not get a wink of sleep. See if I care. But I couldn't get to sleep. I was worried about something. I don't know what but something.... I slowly got drowsy and after a while I went to sleep.
I heard Sora explode at Matt. I saw the entire thing. `You go girl' was my first thought. After Matt came back it still was. But then I got drowsy and fell asleep.
Sora After me and Matt had our `nice' little `talk' I knew I wouldn't get back to sleep. So I started cleaning up. I did the laundry, finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher and all that other stuff. I knew I told Izzy he could be up as soon as I was but it was 2 in the morning and I wanted him to get his beauty sleep. Besides, I wanted to think things over a bit more. "What do you think Sora's trying to hide from us?" That rang through my mind. They thought I couldn't hear them though the running of the water but I could. And it hurt me deeply. Deeply that they didn't trust me enough to believe me, and deeply because they are right. I am hiding something. It hurt me to have to hide it and have everyone know. But they just weren't ready yet. `Is it they're not ready yet, or your not?' a voice inside of me asked. I sighed. I knew the truth. It lurked inside me, threating to rip me apart, but I wasn't going to let it. No, I have control and I plan to keep it that way.
" Do we really want the hassle?" A high, female voice asked. "But honey, is it right to just dump her because of the court?" A lower, male voice asked. I recognized them as the voices of my parents. "Is it fair that just because we decided to be nice and adopt her that we have to go though this?" My mom asked. "But honey, she's had enough people giving up on her in her life and she doesn't need to go through any more pain." "But that nasty cousin of hers. She keeps coming around and I'm afraid that she's going to rub off on Izzy. We don't need a trouble maker around the house." I saw a girl, huddled in the corner out of my parents sight. She had a neon green shirt on with full sleeves. It had no designs or anything. She had a pair of blue, full length jeans on. She had red hair and eyes. She looked on the verge of tears. I reached out for her. I liked her. She was nice.
She always cuddled with me and did everything with me.She was my Guardian. "But she is always so nice with Izzy and I think that Izzy really likes her. She's a big help around the house and a nice person." My dad argued. "Yes but she's such a tom boy. Always going out and doing dangerous things, especially with her condition." My mom relayed. "But
she's a brave fighter, not scared of what people say she can and can't do. She tries it for herself and then decides if it's past her limit or not. If it is she works on it until she can do it." "Yes dear. That's my point exactly. If she keeps trying dangerous things she's going to wind up in the hospital and not for her treatments." My mom spat.

My guardian was about to cry. I wanted to comfort her, like she had always comforted me. But she was too far away. She quietly ran around the corner, not wanting to hear anymore. I cried. I wanted my guardian. My parents noticed me. "Oh Izzy, don't cry dear. Sora!" My mom called. My guardian appeared around the corner. I reached out to her. "Take care of Izzy, will you?" She asked. My guardian picked me up. I was happy. Content with her. She started singing.I loved the sound of her singing. It was so pretty. I closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep.
"Wha?" I woke up. "Where am I?" I asked myself. I remembered. I was in Sora's house. I was sleeping. Or supposed to be. `I don't care what Sora says! I'm going to start now!" I told myself. I quietly got out of bed not disturbing T.K. I managed my way to the family room. Suddenly a wonderful smell filled my nostrils. It came from the kitchen. I followed the scent. I entered the kitchen. I found.... Sora making breakfast! "Hey! You said you'd wake me up when you got up!" I yelled. Apparently my voice surprised her because her head flung around.But the funny thing was I saw tears in her eyes. Suddenly I remembered the guardian in my dreams! Her face looked exactly like my guardians did with tears! I opened my eyes and mouth wide. "GUARDIAN!" I shouted. Sora looked at me like I was nuts but can you blame her? But my shout basically woke everyone else up, with the exception of T.K and Tai. Those two could sleep though a natural disastor. "What's wrong Izzy?" Matt asked. He was the first one in the kitchen. Then Joe and Mimi
arrived. All I could do is point to Sora and say"Guardian!" Then they started to look at Sora for an answer. She just shrugged and turned her gaze to Izzy. "OH NO! Bacon's burning!" She then turned her attention to the bacon and left us there. Matt and the others managed to lead me into the living room and seat me down on the couch. (That was not occupied by Tai) "O.K, one word at a time." Joe said. I told them about my dream. "Wow."Matt just gasped. "And you're sure that your mom didn't say "Flora, Cora or Delora? It was 100 present sure Sora?" Joe asked. I nodded my head. "And it was red hair and eyes? Not green or blue or something red?" I nodded. "And your sure" "Enough with the 50 questions Joe. He's sure it was Sora and Sora it is."Matt spat. "Well, I guess someone isn't a morning person." Joe muttered under his breath.Then Sora entered the room. "So what's the dilemma?" She asked.
O.K, so the bacon hadn't REALLY been burning, but I didn't want to face their questions. `What if Izzy regained his memory of the past? Well it's not like he ever lost it he just forgot. Better face them. After I finish cooking the pancakes.' I heard Izzy tell everyone about his dream. I was shocked too. I didn't think he remember that. `Great, no their one step closer to finding out my past. Izzy remember some of the part of his past that I was in although he may not remember why.I wasn't going to tell them the truth. The truth might ruin my impression of me. The truth might ruin it all. `Will it ruin them? Or you?' That naggy little voice again. I went out there and faced them. "So what's the big dilemma?" I asked.
We all turned around in surprise. "Sora, I had a dream..." Izzy told her his dream. "So, do you know anything about it?" He asked. "No, I guess it must have been a dream, not a flash back because nothing like that ever happened to me." She said. The others just nodded. Except me and Izzy. We weren't 100 percent sure she was telling the truth. "But the dream seemed so real!" Izzy exclaimed. Suddenly Sora got this look in her eye. I couldn't tell what it meant but something crossed like annoyance and fear. That's what it looked like! "Well, sometimes dreams seem like reality and reality seems like a dream." Sora muttered.
I didn't tell them the truth. Well, duh. "Well, sometimes dreams seem like reality and reality seems like a dream." I muttered. I rose to get up but I felt a tugging at my wrist. "Sit back down and tell us the truth, not just about Izzy's parents but about everything else that happened in your life too." Matt told me. "I don't have to do what you tell me." I growled at him. Everyone gasped. `Yeah, little Miss Do No Wrong can't talk back to her friends with out it being on the front cover of all of the newspapers.' I thought sarcastically. "No but if we're going to to be a team them you've got to trust us." Matt's voice sounded a little rough. "Yeah? Well boo hoo. I'm not going to tell you about my life." I growled. "Are you trying to test my patients Sora?" He asked, sounding madder. "Oh, is that a threat?"I sneered. "Better believe it!" Matt yelled. Well, now Tai was awake. "What's going on?" He asked rubbing his eyes. "Sorry. I forgot to scream and run from the power of the almighty invincible Matt! Excuse me!" I said sarcastically. Tai gasped. "Don't try to over do it girl!" Matt warned me. "Oh my! I'm scared now!" That was the last straw. Matt came at me just about ready to punch me in the jaw when I caught the punch and did one of my own to his stomach. He doubled over in pain but he wasn't giving up. He went right
for my eyes but I ducked it and his fist collided with the wall. I went to the bathroom and got some aspirin, tums and a bucket of cold water. I entered the living room. Everyone seemed, well, scared of me now. I took Matt and sat him down on a chair. Everyone had their gazes on us. "The show's over folks!" I yelled. Everyone scattered in different directions. I got Matt a glass of water and paid attention to my food once more. He
looked at me like I was an alien or something. "If you put your hand in the bucket then it'll feel better. Take the aspirin if you now have a headache and the tums will soothe your stomach." I said as if this was the usual ruteen. But inside I was shaking and cursing myself. `Why did you do that?! You numskull! I hate you! I wish you would die! I.. what's the use? You'll always be a useless bag of emotions.' I told myself.
"Hey Matt?" I asked. "Hm." He replied. "I'm sorry I went postal on you. I guess it's just being here and everything, I'm just getting worked up over small things and I know I shouldn't have done it. I'm sorry." I said, never taking my eyes off the bacon. I didn't want to look at him. I was ashamed of myself. "It's o.k." Matt said. "Remember when I first got to the Digiworld? I was picking a fight with Tai every chance I could because I didn't want to be there and I wanted someone to blame, to let it all out on. And since we unofficially picked Tai as our leader he was the one. Anyway, I was to blame too. I just pushed
you and pushed you until you fell over the edge." He replied. I dared to look up again. He was smiling at me now. I smiled back. "Well it was mostly my fault because I shouldn't have gotten so worked up over it. You know me, little miss sensitive."
I looked at her with a weird expression. I never thought as her as sensitive and I'm sure the rest of the group didn't either. Maybe what Mimi said was true. Maybe she did have no self respect. "Oh, c'mon. I don't think anyone sees you as sensitive. I personally see you as strong will and determined." "Yeah, well you don't know me that well." It came out as a whisper but I could still heard it though the silence of the kitchen. I suddenly got impatient again. "who was the one that risked their life for their Digimon?" I asked. There was no reply. "You did. Who convinces us that we can walk the extra mile when the slave driver won't let us rest?" I asked. This time there was a reply. "Tai." I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, with his comforting `C'mon troops! You all whimper more then my puppy."and "C'mon! My sister could walk more then you can now when she was three years old!" Yeah. That's REAL support. No it's you! And who does everyone come to with their worries and their problems?" "The psychiatrist?" She asked. "No.YOU!" I practically shouted. "Hey, guys, transmission from Gennai." Izzy popped right in and out. We got up and moved towards the living room. I was still holding my stomach and I'm pretty sure my fist was still red from smacking the wall. "How did that bozo manage to track us here?" I asked Sora. She laughed and said "I do not know. I do not know." We entered the living room. Everyone was there, including T.K, who, by the looks of it, had just woken up. "What happened to you?" Gennai asked me. I glanced at Sora.I assumed everyone else in our little group did too. She looked guilty. "Nothing. Just a little misunderstanding." I said. "Yeah that `little misunderstanding' was better then pay per view." Tai hooted. We all just gave him a glare, except for T.K, who didn't know what had happened. "You're all nuts." Gennai muttered under his breath. "look who's talking." I whispered to Sora. She giggled. Quietly. "I have important news for you." he said. We all looked at him. "A new child has been found. They are one of the Digidestined." He said. We all just gasped at him. "You mustn't leave your world without him. If he is not found then the two worlds will never be in harmony." He said. "Great. Just great." Joe sighed. "I hope it's my size so
I can play with it!" T.K said cheerfully. "I hope it's my size so we can swap clothes!" Mimi
exclaimed. "Well, what ever size it may be, find him or her." Gennai commanded. "Yes sir." Tai said. "Bye Kids." Gennai said. The hologram thing faded away. "This is wonderful. Now we have to find a way back AND find a kid." I muttered. "If this kid is a Digidestined then wouldn't they show up on the Digivice?" Izzy asked. He checked his digivice. So did the rest of us. "Yeah! You can see two dots on it!" Mimi exclaimed. "Then we better go look for the eighth child!" Tai yelled. Then his stomach rumbled. "Well, after we eat, that is." He said with a blush.
"I think breakfast is ready." I said. Sure enough it was. Surprisingly nothing was burnt. I set it down in front of them. This time I joined them. I was hungry. They didn't eat as fast as before but they ate pretty fast. Soon it was all gone. I stood up to collect the plates but Tai pushed me back down. "Let me do that Sora." He told me. I didn't want to get in a big fight about it so I let him do it. About 2 seconds after he was done Izzy was on his computer typing away. We all just sat around, waiting for him to come up with the solution. Finally he said "I think that if I down load the Digivices scouting abilities then I should be able to pin point the exact location of the last child." Izzy said. He got a connection wire from his back pack and linked his Digivice and his laptop together. Then he got busy typing and clicking and aye yai aye yai yai. "O.K, the current location of the eighth child is.... Androds Park." He said. "What?" we all asked him. "Sorry. Anderson Park." Izzy corrected himself. "Well! Lets go!" Tai yelled.
After the transmission we got ready. "Hey? Has anyone seen our clothes?" Tai asked. Sora nodded. "Myotismon came and stole them in the middle of the night." She teased. I presumed. "Hey? Who is Myotismon?" Joe asked. We all looked at Sora. She just shrugged her shoulders and looked a liitle surprised herself. "Any way, where are our clothes really?" Tai asked. "They should be hanging in the bathroom." She grumbled. We went there. "Wow, she, washed our clothes." Tai said slowly. "Well it was either that or have you to smell like pigs for the rest of your lives!" Came a defending yelled from the living room. We just took our clothes and Mimi went to Soras bedroom. Soon we were ready to go.
They all burst out of the door. I followed them at a slower pace. I was sad that it was all over. I mean, I didn't like that fact that I beat up Matt but I already missed taking care of them, cooking, cleaning. I missed all of that. Soon I lost sight of them. That was all right. I knew how to get there. It didn't matter. Just like I didn't.
We finally made it to the park. "Hey, where's Sora?" I asked. We all looked around us. We didn't see her. "I'll go back and look for her." I said. I hoped nothing bad had happened to her. I liked her too much. `I remember the first time I saw her. I was in grade three. I was at soccer practice. "Well boys, it seems that we have a new member joining our team. Her," at that we all gasped. We had never heard of a girl joining the boys team. I raised my hand. "Um, excuse me sir but what is a girl doing on the boys soccer team?" I asked. "Well, apparently she was so good she was moved up." The coach said. We all gasped again. We knew this new girl must be a strong player to get on to the boys soccer team. "As I was saying her name is Sora Tank something or other." Takenouchi sir." A new voice came out from the darkness. We all looked at the spot. "Yes, well as I said. Here's Sora."At first she had her head down. Her red hair seemed to have some sort of supernatural shine to it. `Great.' I thought.'A powder puff girl.' But when she
raised her head to meet our gazes I had a totally new opinion of her. She had a glint in her eye that said `I'm ready for anything. Don't try to take me on.' yet a friendly face that said `Hey, I'm not so bad.' All in all, she looked tough, determined yet, well, pretty.
"Now, I want all of you to welcome Sora to our team. It isn't every day that a girl get moved to our team." Right now Sora had a face that read `Sexist pig'. But she smiled anyway. That smile melted my heart. And they say you can't fall in love at grade three. "Now, I don't want you yelling at her for every mistake she makes because she's new. O.K, move out." We all went to our regular positions. Sora was sitting out. She was one of the many back ups. A while later Alan sprained his ankle so Sora was invited to show her stuff. And did she ever. She was practically the best player on our team! Well, except for me but she pretty much matched my skill. I could tell the coach was impressed
too. He had a look that said "Wow, a girl can do that?!" She never made one mistake and seemed to know what to do in all situations. Most of the time I would be jelous of her but she had a look that made you want to go and introduce yourself. Which is exactly what I did after practice. "Hi. I'm Tai." I said grinning from ear to ear. "Sora." She said smiling. "Hey, you're a great player." I told her. She blushed. "You're great yourself." I wanted to know the answer to this question: "What was your first impression of me?" I asked. She blushed and looked down. "To be completely honest," she started. `I hope she thought that I looked absolutely adorable!' I thought. "I thought you were a sexist pig." She said. I nearly fell over in shock. And she could see that. She giggled. "What ever gave you that idea?!" I demanded. She giggled again and said "Well, it was your question. "What is a girl doing on the boys soccer team. THAT threw me off." She
said. "Well, first questions can be deceiving." I said. "What about me?" She asked. "Well, when the only part of you I really saw was your hair I thought "Great, a powder puff girl. But when I saw your face I changed my opinion completely. I thought you looked determined. Tough. Yet.... nice." I told her. "BEP BEEP!!" A horn rang out. Sora had a look of decust on her face. But she had a smile when she turned to me and said "See ya next soccer practice!" She said and ran towards a car that had pulled up.
I shook my head and continued my search for Sora. I saw her up ahead on the walk way. "Hey Sora!" I ran up to her. She didn't seem to notice me. I ran up behind her and then.............. started ticking her! "WAAAAA!!!!!!" I'm pretty sure that that cause some disturbance to the neighbors. It made me go deaf anyway. "It's o.k Sora it's just me!" I yelled into her ear. She stopped her screaming. "Oh, Tai. I thought it was Etemon or something.Sorry for um, disturbing the peace." She blushed. "Tell that to the residence." I told her. I was dreamy right now. I don't know why but I was. "Um, Tai?" She asked. "Hm." I replied. "You can get your hands off of my waist." She told me. I looked at my arms. She was right. They WERE around her waist. I blushed. A moment before my head had been resting on her shoulder to." Sorry." I took my arms off her. Suddenly Matt appeared around the corner and following him were the rest. "Hey! We heard a scream! We thought that you might be in trouble!" He said. I sniggered."That is not funny!" She muttered to me before she rolled her eyes to look at the sky and blushed. Matt and the others came to a stop in front of us. "So, what?" He asked. "Sora here is a friady cat!" I said. The I fell to the ground and started laughing like the immature idiot I was. "It's not THAT funny Tai.Besides, you're the one who got the bright idea to come up here and tickle me!" "Yeah, well, at least I don't scream like a girl!" I yelled back. I stopped to consider what I had just said. "Well, you'd be surprised at how girly you can yell." Matt said. "Ha. Funny. It was so hilarious that I for got to laugh." I stood up and gave him a dirty look."Well sorry Mister touchy." He muttered under his breath. "What did you called me?" I asked. "Mr. Touchy. You got a problem with that?" He growled. "Yes. I have a problem with that!" I yelled. We both grabbed each other by the collars of our shirts. "Shouldn't we stop them or something?" Mimi asked. "na. Let them go at it. Its not like they're going to listen anyway, so why bother? They're going to continue to do that until we get out of this stupid adventure so hey, why should we try to stop the course of, I don't know! Something!"
I looked around. Everyone was looking at me like I was nuts. Then Mimi came up to me. "Does Izzy wear breifs or boxers?" She asked. I broke out in laughter and she giggled. It was so, ironic she should asked that then, so, stupid. That's what made it hillarious. "What?" Matt looked at us like we were nuts. We both just laughed. But we stopped when.. "TAI! TAI! OVER HERE!" Tai's little sister, Kari came around the corner. "Kari!" All the attention was diverted to Kari. I was thankful. "Hi Tai, Sora." She said. She looked uncertain about the rest of the group. "These are my friends from camp. Matt, T.K, Joe, Mimi and Izzy. Which reminds me, aren't you supposed to be home, sick, in bed." He said. "I'm feeling better now." Suddenly I noticed. Tai's crest, it was glowing. "Tai." I said. "Yes?" He asked. "Your crest." I said, pointing to the light under his shirt. He looked down at his chest. Everyone else's crest was glowing too. Except for mine. "Huh," I asked. No one seemed to notice though. "The eight child must be here!" Izzy exclaimed. We looked around. No one else was here but, Kari. "You're the eight child!" I yelled. She just gave me a look. "I think you're right Sora!" Izzy, again. "Kari. We've been looking for you." Tai said slowly. "But I'm right here!" Kari asked in confusion. "Here, we'll have to show you." Tai said. "But how? I mean Izzy hasn't found a way back into the Digiworld yet." "I think I know how though. Sora, when you saw your crest glow, was there anything specific about that moment? Anything you were thinking?" Izzy asked me. I rubbed my eyes and tried to remember. To put myself back in that moment. No, No, NO!!!!" I yelled.'If I were home I wouldn't be going through this.' I thought. My crest started to glow, on my copied body!
I snapped out of my memory. "Well, lets see. I was in a computer room, my mindless copy had my tag and crest and I was thinking that if I were at home, none of that would have happened." I said. "Ha! I think I've got it!" Izzy shouted in delight. "Hold your tag and crest out in front of you and focus on being back in the Digiworld. My theory is that if we do that then a vortex will open up and suck us to our thought destination. If Sora's crest had enough power to get us here all by itself then seven crests will make it back." He explained with a smile. I shook my head. "Only six crests." I said as I took mine and held it in the palm of my hand. "Well, why?" Izzy asked. "I think mines broken or something because it didn't react around Kari while everyone else's did." I explained, never taking my eyes away from it. "Hm. My theory is that yours is still relaxing from getting us here. I think it over exceeded it's power limit. It takes a lot of power to force your way from one universe to another." Izzy theorized. "O.K, whatever. Lets do it!" I said. "Wait! what if
we get lost or transported to another world? Or ever worse, to the stage set of Barney!" Joe asked in horror. "Joe, your such a worry wort! Mimi said. "Well, maybe we should hold hands, just so we don't get separated." Izzy said. He now had a worried look on his face. We looked over and saw T.K having a little chat with Kari. "Oh, how sweet." Mimi basically read my thoughts. "Time to go." Tai grumbled. "O.K!" T.K yelled cheerfully. He and Kari skipped into the ring. The ring went T.K, Matt, Me Tai, Kari, Izzy, Mimi and then Joe. `Digiworld, Digiworld.' I thought.
Suddenly, Soras crest glowed and she was surrounded in a red light which ruffled her hair and her clothing. Izzy suddenly got this funny look on his face and I understood why. Hers was the only one that was glowing and hers was the weakest!We all gave each other glances. Then we all looked at Sora. She looked at peace surrounded in the light. Her eyes were closed but you could feel an immense power flowing from her. Suddenly, her crest rose up and up until it was over her head! Then it came off of her period. But she didn't look like she noticed. Suddenly a vortex opened. It looked like a big red hole in the sky. But none of ours were reacting. "Oh no!" Izzy shouted. "Sora! You've got to stop now! Sora!" He cried but she didn't seem to notice. She was lost in her own little world. Suddenly, Sora started going upwards towards the vortex. We stared moving off too. But it was only because Sora was going up that we did.
I heard Izzy. But I wanted to be back in the Digiworld, now! He didn't give me a reason so I didn't stop. I don't think I could have if I wanted to anyway. The strange thing was, I could
slowly feel all my energy slipping away, until I was lost in the dark part of my mind. But I kept one goal in mind.. Destination: Digiworld.
"Sora! You've got to stop now! Sora!" I cried. She didn't here me. I bit my lower lip. I had just realized what was going to happen. Since her crest was the only one that was reacting her crest would max out if she tried to take us to the Digiworld. But that wasn't the only thing that was bothering me. I had just realized that the crests draw energy from us just like our Digivices did. If Soras crest was still weak from the last time so was Sora. In other words, the trip back might destroy her. "SORA STOP!!!!! NO!!!!!" I cried. But it was too late. We were sucked into the vortex. All I knew from then on was blackness.

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