Sort it out, Sora Chapter 2. Sora's Cousin

By Sora Love

"Huh." I opened my eyes. I was really confused. The last thing I remembered was a bright light, a feeling of being pulled and falling asleep. I looked around. I saw all my friends lying around me, all unconscious. It appeared that we were in a park. I could see trees, bushes and a pond. Then I saw some children, skipping rocks on the pond. "Wha," I asked. I tried to stand up to take a look around.

Remember, tried is the key word. I got on my knees and when I tried to go the rest of the way, I fell and landed on Matt, of all people. He woke up with a shout that woke Izzy up who bonked Mimi on the head who started yelling at him that woke up Tai up and he accidentally kicked Joe who woke up and started yelling "WHERE'S THE EVIL DIGIMON?! WHERE?!" That woke T.K up. Then I yelled "Joe, there is no evil Digimon I repeat there is no evil Digimon!" Finally everyone turned their attention to me. "Well, that was ONE way to wake you guys up." I said and I crawled off of
Matt. "Sora! Your alive!" Everyone yelled. (Well, expect for Joe who yelled "You must be an evil Digimon taking Sora's place." We all just glared at him.)
"Well, where are we?" Matt asked. "I think we're home, unless it's one of those alien tricks." I said, looking at Izzy. "Well, it certainly does seem so. I think we should take a look around." Tai said. "Uh, I have a problem with that." I said . "What?" Tai asked. "I CAN'T EVEN GET OFF THE GROUND!" Don't ask me why I yelled because I don't know either. "Why?" Matt asked. "I don't know. I'm too weak, or something. When I tried to stand up I accidentally fell on Matt that started the whole `Let's wake up' thing." I said.
It was decided that I would lean in-between Matt and Tais shoulders. " O.K, so what do we do now?" Joe asked. "I'm hungry, tried, hot. Did I mention that I'm hungry?" Mimi whined. "I think we should go home!" Joe said. I shook my head. "Why not?!" Mimi whined. "Well, if we came out three months later then they'd all be swarming around us and not letting us out of their sight and we don't know what kind of place the Digiworld is in." I explained. "Well, we defeated Etemon, didn't we?" Joe asked. "We don't really know. He could be but all we know is that we were pulled towards that light and so was Etemon. It didn't destroy us so it might not have destroyed Etemon. He could be right here with us." Izzy said. Everyone moaned. "Well, where do we go?" Mimi asked. I
thought. "I know! Lets go to my house! My mom's never home so we can see what date it is and everything." I exclaimed. Everyone just gave me a funny look. "Hey, what's the matter with you guys!? Don't give me that look!" I almost yelled. "Actually, that could work in our favor since we pretty much don't know anything." Izzy said. "O.K, then off to my house we go!" I yelled. Then I saw my crest, tag and digivice lying on the ground. "Could someone get my digistuff for me?" I asked. Matt bent down to pick it up. "Huh, hey, this is it! This is that crest! He yelled.

So I may have sounded stupid but that was it. It was the crest that had closed the portal behind me! "What are you talking about?" Tai asked. Everyone gave me a look that said `next stop, mental hospital.' " You guys might not have seen it but I was the last one sucked through that portal and I saw a tag and crest close it behind me. I didn't recognize it because I hadn't seen it before but this was the tag and crest. Everyone's gaze was diverted to Sora. "Well, now I remember. I started yelling and then my crest glowed and a bright light washed over everything and I was sucked though the portal." "Maybe the power from her crest created enough energy to create a vortex and make a tear though time and space." Izzy, of course. "Well, if my speculation is right then we don't want to
be found because we're going to have to go back to the Digiworld." Izzy explained. "Huh, why?" I asked. "Because if she has created a rift then the evil digimon can come into our world and float back though the rift to the didworld and without our digimon were toast." Izzy calmly replied. `Great' I thought `Just great.' Then someone's stomach rumbled. "Well, maybe going to Sora's house isn't such a bad idea. There we can get something to eat before we go back to that awful place." Joe said. "O.K, then lets start off!" Tai exclaimed.

O.K, I felt bad about going over to Sora's place but she didn't seem to mind. And I wasn't going to argue. "Hey, Sora. You know what you said about your mom never being home? Well, why is that?" Mimi asked. I looked at Sora. She didn't seem to mind the question. "My mom owns a flower shop and it's usually open until about ten. Then she has to balance the books and what not and that takes about an hour. The thing opens about 9:30 so I usually see her in the mornings so that isn't
bad." Sora seemed to go deep in thought. Like she was remembering something. "Sora?" I asked. "Hey, just a minute." She said. She hopped off my and Matts shoulders. She was standing. She took a step forward. One back. "Hey, I can walk now." She said.
Me and Matt then went our ways. I moved up to the front of the group and he moved to the back. T.K went up to Sora." Sora, what's you house like?" T.K asked innocently. "Well, I live in a split condo. It's smaller than a house and bigger than a apartment." Sora explained. "Hey Matt!" T.K yelled. Matt walked up until he was leveled with T.K and Sora. "Sora lives in a condo." T.K said. "Really?" Matt asked. I tuned out after that.

"Really?" I asked. "Yep." Sora said. "It's no palace but It's better then the the rest." I was surprised. "What rest?" I asked. Sora's eyes got misty. I guess she was remembering something."Sora?" I asked. "What? Oh, what an air head. We turn here." She yelled. She walked faster. I don't know why. Maybe to avoid questions. "Sora?" I asked. "Hey, SORA!" A voice shouted. It can from a mini van. Sora slowly turned her head. "Leanna?" She asked. The van pulled over. Someone stepped out from the vichle. We all gasped. There, in front of us stood a bigger Sora. "The one and only." She said.

I couldn't believe my eyes. It was my favorite cousin, standing before me. "LEANNA!" I yelled. I ran to her. Everyone gasped. I think I know why. Leanna and I were wearing the same clothes, the same helmet and the same hair style. Basically she looked like a bigger me. "Hey kido. When was the last time I saw you?" She asked. "About a year ago before you started that save the whale campaign!" I yelled in delight. "Hey, do you and your friends need a lift?" She asked. "YEAH!"
Everyone yelled. "O.K, climb aboard." She yelled. They all jumped in. Soon we were on our way.
"Where to?" She asked. "To my house." I said. I laid my head back on the head rest and I closed my eyes. I remembered everything. I had my best times in this van with my cousin.
I remember just sneaking away because my first 2 sets of parents hated her guts and going for a drive and catching up on things. "Hey, introduce me to your friends." Leanna said. "The guy with the ski goggles is
Tai. You know him. The guy in the green shirt is Matt. He's the way too cool guy. The one with his laptop out in front of him is Izzy. He's the computer guy. The guy with the glasses is Joe. He's a little bit of a pessimist."
"Yeah, like everything we say he has a reason for something to go wrong" I heard Tai whisper. He and Matt snickered.
"The girl in pink is Mimi. She's a city girl. And last but not least is T.K, Matts little brother. He's cute." I said. "Cool!" Leanna exclaimed.
She turned on the radio."Now it's 1:00 pm on august 1, 1999." We all gasped. Except for me. I was too relaxed to gasp. And I really didn't care either."And now here's Christina with "What a Girl wants." I allowed
myself to get with the beat. "I wanna thank you, for givin me time to breathe like a rock you waited so patently. While I got it together, while I figured it out." I sang along. Pretty soon Mimi and Leanna were singing along too. We sounded great together. The boys just sat there, being the lazy idiots that they were. Finally we stopped. "Hey, why didn't Kari come with you?" She asked.

"Because she is sick." Tai said. I looked at Sora sitting in the front seat. She looked so, I don't know, beautiful with the sun outlining her. I know I need sleep but still..... "I don't get how you do it." Sora said. "Do what?" Leanna asked. "Well, you've managed to be a good outrageous teenager who my first 2 parents hated..." Sora stopped. She suddenly looked alert. Tai looked, weird...

".. who my first 2 parents hated.." That sentence ran though my mind. I suddenly had a flashback. "Leanna, this is my friend Tai, Tai this is my cousin Leanna." "hi." She shook my hand. "I'm the one who..." Sora shook her head. Leanna suddenly got an know it all look on her face. My flash back ended. I looked at the 2 people at the front. Were they hiding something? "Well, it's a tough job but someone's got to do it." Leanna said with a laugh.

She's my favorite cousin. She was always there and always accepted my decisions and accepted me for who I was. She was the only one who understood me. I sighed. "Hey, I know! Why don't we go to the new place that opened up. What was it called again... that dancing place for kids." Leanna asked. Joe, Tai and Matt looked like they were going to be sick. Mimi and T.K put a big smile on their faces. Izzy was paying no attetion what so ever. I smiled. "My treat." She said. "YEAH!" Me, Mimi and T.K shouted. "NO!!!!" Tai, Matt and Joe shouted. "Izzy, what do you think?" Leanna asked. "What? Yeah, sure. Whatever." He said never looking anywhere except at his laptop. "5 against 3. We're going." Leanna said as we swiveled around a corner. "NO!!!!" They shouted
again.They looked about ready to kill Izzy. "I hope you know we're going DANCING!!" Matt yelled in his ear. "WHA?!" Izzy was FINALLY listening. He raised him hand. "Is it to late to take back my vote?" He asked sheepishly. "Yep." Leanna said with a cruel smile. I was so happy that my cousin believed in torturing friends. The only bad part was, Matt, Tai, Izzy and Joe were complaining the rest of the way there. That was until my cousin handed Mimi a hard cover book to slam them all over the head with. Ah, my cousin. It was like being with a 2 year old with money.

We finally got there. I was ready to die. Dancing. Not my most perfected sport. As soon as we got there Sora and Leanna bounced onto the floor. The floor was painted in colorful strips. The walls were painted in colorful little circles. I was hard to see it all because the disco ball was up and the lights were off. We just watch Sora and Leanna dance. They were to fast to actually copy them or anything so all the rest of the people cleared away leaving the in a big spot as `Show me the meaning of Feelin' lonely' rang out. Finally Leanna broke away leaving Sora by herself. She stopped and came over to our table.

"Had enough?" Tai asked. "NO!" She yelled cheerfully. Then she grabbed his wrist and literally dragged him out on the dance floor. "See, that's what you get for being friends with a girl!" I yelled at him. I was quite enjoying watching Tai stand there like an idiot occasionally moving his hips. He had the `I'm drained' look on his face, almost like he was blushing. "Oh, Tais got a crush!" I whispered to Joe.

O.K, so I was pretty much paralyzed. Dancing was not my thing. And I knew Matt was enjoying every moment of me looking like and idiot. Oh well, I was dancing with Sora and that's all that matters. O.K, she was doing the dancing part but still... finally the song ended. I ran Back to my seat. Sora came over to the table again. "NO! NOT ME! PLEASE SPARE MY LIFE!!!!" I begged as I curled up into a ball on my seat. Matt was laughing his brains out. But she didn't touch me. And I heard Matt wasn't laughing anymore. I dared to look up. Sora had dragged Matt out on to the dance floor! Matt looked, if possible, more idiotic then I did! Guess who was laughing now. Well, pretty much everyone who saw them and me. Matt just stood there, like a statue or something. Well, Sora said something to him that made him straight out blush.

"Well, I'm going to have to get you and Tai dancing lessons!" She whispered to me. Don't ask me why, but I blushed. "Hey, what's the story behind your cousin anyway?" I asked. "My cousin has to be my favorite person in the world. She is one of those run away teens who put up campaigns like save the whales and stuff. She's the only one who's always been there for me and always supports me no matter what." I was kind of surprised that she was that, well, open with me. Me and her have never really been close so I guess I thought this was the kind of stuff she'd tell Tai. `Yeah, tell Tai, her boyfriend.' I thought bitterly. `O.K, where did that come from?' I asked myself. Oh well. I was just having a mental break down.

I don't know why I was that open with Matt. I mean, I never really had anything to do with him other than try to break up the fights he and Tai get into. Suddenly I diverted my gaze to Izzy. I smiled. He may not remember it but me and him go back a ways. Back when...
I sighed. I was done dancing for the night. I left the dance floor with Matt following me. I know I had a depressed look on my face. "What's wrong Sora?" Tai asked. "Nothing. Why would anything be wrong?" I asked. Slowly. I was getting into my slow mode. Suddenly I noticed Izzys gaze on me. I looked him straight in the eye......

I looked at Sora. Before I knew it she was staring in my eyes... <flash back>
"WWWWWWAAAAAA!!!!" It was me, when I was 2 or 3 years old. I woke up to see a red pair of eyes staring back at me. "It's O.K. I'm here Izzy." Said a child like voice. I looked at her.I saw short, red hair... <end of flash back> "Waa!" I yelled as I fell backwards in my chair. "Izzy, what's wrong?" Asked a voice. I looked up. It was Tai. "Um, I, um..." I looked at Sora. Her eyes gave nothing away. "The girl, vision.." was all I muttered. "O.K, it's official. Izzy has gone off his rocker." Joe commented. They all laughed. All but Sora. She was studying me, as though I was a stranger or something. "WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!" I shouted. She looked slightly hurt. "Sorry." I said. She still didn't speak. "Well, we better go." Leanna called. It still amazed me how much Leanna looked like Sora. I'd have to look it up...

Something was weird with Sora. Just before Izzy went nuts I saw her stare into his eyes. Then Izzy looked like he was remembering something. Then he go cu cu. We all headed to the van. I traded my gaze from Izzy to Sora. Izzy was looking at Sora as though she was the one behind the entire Digiworld set up. Sora was looking really depressed. We all got in and rode home. On the way back it was silent. Except for when Sora whispered something to Leanna. All I heard was `computer'. I looked at Izzy. So did Leanna. Then everyone else did too. Well, Izzy, as usual, didn't notice. He was too busy hacking at government files or something. "Whatcha doin Izzy?" Tai asked slowly. "Oh, something or something like that." was his reply. Suddenly Leanna broke out laughing. "That is ironic, isn't it?" She asked Sora. She nodded. "What's so ironic?" I asked. "Well, you see Izzy..."
Leanna started but Sora shook her head. "What?" Izzy asked. "Well finally he's out of computer dark mode." Mimi mumbled. "Nothing." Sora said. The rest was quiet. Finally we got to Sora's house. "Thanx for the ride." Tai said as he jumped out. "My pleasure." Leanna said. "You guys go on ahead. It's on the second level. I'll catch up." Sora said as she tossed Mimi the key. They all went up. Except for me. I went and stayed behind. I wanted to see if it would help me solve the mystery behind Sora's past. Also, I just felt like eves dropping. "Thanks for the ride." Sora said. "No prob." Leanna smiled. "Look, could you not tell mom that you gave us a lift?" She asked. "Sure. And if it's any of my business, why?" Leanna asked. `Wow, she always is there for Sora.' I thought. "Well, you know how my mom hates your guts and she might not appreciate you giving me and my friends a lift." Sora explained. "Yep. And I still can't believe you were once living under the same roof that computer kid was." Leanna laughed. `Huh?' I thought. "Well, it's not like he remembers it. He was only about 2 or 3 when it happened." Sora said. "Well, thanks again. Bye." Sora said with a smile. "Bye." Leanna drove away. Sora stood there for a moment. She mumbled something under her breath. Then she went towards the stairs. Where I was hiding. I ran up to where the other guy were. "What took you so long?" Tai asked. They were still outside the door. "This key won't turn the handle!" Izzy yelled in frustration. The we saw Sora.

After a brief talk with my cousin I headed up the stairs. "The key won't turn the handle!" I heard Izzys frustrated voice upstairs. "Sounds like the natives are getting restless.' I thought. I walked up the stairs and saw Izzy wrestling with the key lock. "Here, let me do it." I said. my appearance must have surprised everyone because they all jumped. I took the key from Izzy. "Izzy, for a computer nerd, you aren't too bright are you?" I asked. "Wha?" He had a surprised look on his face. I smiled. " The key was upside down!" We all laughed except for him. He just blushed. I stepped inside.


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