Sort it out, Sora

O.K., this is a fan fiction leaning towards the conflict: Is Sora supposed to be
with Matt or Tai? So romance haters, this is your last chance. GET OUT NOW!!!!!
This takes place at “Prisoner of the Pyramid”. It's what should have gone on.
This is a warning from your lazy and undeticated author.

Sort it out, Sora
By: Sora love
Chapter 1: The power of the Crest
I was awake. It had been about 4 hours since the others fell asleep but I was restless. So I had decided to go and play myharmonica. That's where I am sitting right now. His harmonica echoed for miles around it seemed for the night was still and peaceful.
But he didn't notice the person hiding in the bushes. `What a nice tune.' she thought. She stepped closer. A twig snapped under her foot. It rang like a siren thought the sound of the harmonica. I slowly put down my harmonica. “Who's out there?' I called. She stepped out from her hiding spot. He squinted. “Sora?” I asked. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your playing. I was just restless and I was walking around when I heard your harmonica. I decided to stop and listen. Could you please continue?” Sora pleaded. I just shrugged and started playing again. Sora came and sat down beside me. After about a minute I stopped and asked” Why are you up at this hour?” Sora shrugged and said “I'm worried about tomorrow. I mean, some guy who is caught but can still email us? Something's phony about that. I mean, even if he does have the crest it's still probably a trap. So what's the point of getting one stupid crest if we're just probably going to end up dead or in worse trouble than we're already in?” “Sora, Sora, Sora.” I said, shaking my
head each time he said her name. “If it were my, T.K's or anyone else's crest, you know you wouldn't hesitate for a second.” “Hmm.” Was all Sora said. We sat in silence for about two minutes. `I know she's holding something back but what?' I asked myself. Finally I said “Is there anything else?” “I don't know. When we were back on earth I wasn't afraid of anything. But now I'm always fearing that something is going to happen to you guys.” Sora replied. “Fear is a good thing.” “Huh?” “It keeps us in line, reminds us we're not immortal.” I said. Sora took a moment to conciter that. “But if something does happen to you guys, I'll be left with out a family.” It flew out of Sora's mouth before she could stop herself. “Huh, family?” I asked with a questioning look. “It's, never mind.” Sora got up and walked towards the Sphinx. `Follow her you nitwit.' something inside me said. But Istayed rooted to the spot, watching Sora fade away in the
“O.K, now remember, stay out of unnecessary fights. It's just in, get the crest, out. Remember that Tai.” Izzy turned to look at Me. “You too Matt.” “Yeah, stop with the lecture Izzy. We're not complete idiots.” I said. I looked at Sora. I could already see the “I know something bad is going to happen but I'm gonna wait until those idiots figure it out” look come over her face. `I wish I could wip that uncertainty off that beautiful face.' I thought. `WHAT!? WHAT AM I THINKING?!' I asked myself. `It's from lack of sleep. That's it. Yeah.' I reassured myself. “O.k, then bye.” Izzy said. He, Tai, Joe and Sora jumped from the lions mouth. I watched them until they were out of sight. “O.K, now so what do we do? Sit here until our idiotic leader manages to lead them into trouble and rescue them?” I asked. “Yeap.” Mimi said with a smile. “O.K, we shouldn't have to wait too long for something to do then.” I sighed. `He better not let a finger touch Sora or I'll... wait a minute. WHAT did I just think? Lack of sleep.'
We slowly crept closer to the pyramid. “Tai. I think we show turn around and go back.”Sora said. I had heard her express her feelings to Biyomon already but Biyomon had just said “You're being paranoid again.” “Oh will you stop it! This guy isn't going to kill us we'll free him and you'll get your crest.” I knew I couldn't leave her in this state of uncertainty. I cared for her too much. I sighed. I wanted to tell her how I really felt but..... suddenly I felt Sora grab my hand and she.. was about to slam me into the pyramid wall. “AAAHHHHH!!!” I screamed. I braced myself for the impact. It came. I fell on to the floor after she somehow magically removed the wall. “How did you do that?” I asked. “It's a hologram Tai.” Sora replied with a roll of her eyes. That's when I saw it. We could see thought the pyramid wall but they couldn't see in. “Cool!” I exclaimed. Izzy led us through a series of walls and mazes. Until we spotted some gazymon. We all leaned against the wall and waited until they passed. Then I jumped out of the wall, made a little noise
and jumped back in.”What was that for?!” “Huh?” “It's just because the boss likes me better!” We could hear their conversation. I giggled. Sora looked about ready to kill. Me in particular. “Why did you do that Tai?! You could have gotten us killed back there!” Sora was hopping mad. “Gee Sora, sorry. Who made you queen of the fun police?” I asked. “Yeah this is fun and getting caught will be a blast.” “Could you guys pass notes? It's much quieter.” Joe asked. “Hm.” Was all Sora had to say. Then suddenly, she got this far away look in her eyes. Sora `Great, I can't even lecture people right. I'm as useless as I was when I had.... Mental note do NOT think about that! You know what will happen. You'll just end up like the extra bag of emotion that you are..... no need to show that in public. They don't need me. They need Tai for his leadership, Izzy for his knowledge, Joe for his pessimist feeling, T.K to be a bubbling happy kid that raises everyone's sprits, Matt to look out for T.K and for his “I'm clam I never freak out” attitude and Mimi for alerting us to our needs but what do they need me for? Getting worked up over little things, crying at everything that comes along? No, they don't need me. I'm the extra bag of emotions that's lagging the group down and they just don't need me. I knew I should have screwed around with Izzys computer and try to download us to some cyber freak place. Dang you Matt. If I hadn't been talking to you, you all would be yelling at me about how irresponsible I was being but we'd be safe. But then again, you're a puzzle where all the pieces don't quite fit. You're just one big myst..

“Hello, Sora wakey wakey. We're here.” Tai said waving his hands in front of my face. I just looked up and gave him a dirty look. He wore that `well sorry' look on his face. I sighed.

I looked at my surroundings. We seemed to be in a big computer with lines and switches and buttons. But right in the middle of it all was a weird stand with a glass box on it. Inside the box was what looked like a tuna can with a glass dome on top of it. That's datamon!” Tentamon said. “Datamon was last seen a few years ago but disappeared.” “Hello. I am Datamon. My sad little story is “Once a long, long time ago I fought Etemon, and lost. One of my rare miscalculations. That miserable bafoon made me administrate his net work making me his webmaster. Well slowly overtime I managed to repair myself and gained enough power of his network to cause some trouble to that over rated bafoon. Now, I am ready to release myself. But I need your help to set me free. I'm transmitting data to your friends computer to get me out.” Datamon said. I still didn't trust this guy. “You said you had my crest. Where is it?” I asked. “The crest? Oh yes, the
crest, all in good time my dear. Just hurry up and set me free before Etemon gets here.” He ushered. “You don't trust this talking can opener, do you?” Joe asked me. “I wouldn't trust him with a dead leaf.” I clenched my fist in anger. Why was I angry at him? For stringing my friends along and making them set him free. “O.K, Tai. That should be the last step in the process.” I heard Izzy shout. “Noooo!” I yelled. I tried to get Tai away from the lever but the pushed it down before I could reach him. Then Etemon and his chorines decided to pop in at that moment. “I thought it was those nasty kids ruining my network but it was you Datamon wasn't it you over run tuna can.” “Well, in a word, yes.” Datamon, of course. What sane kid would talk like that? “Well, now that you've set me free, I really do thank you but the miss will be coming with me.” Datamon said. Faster then I had time to process his words he came over, grabbed me and Biyomon and made his way through the wall. “SORA!!!” I heard Tai scream after me.

I couldn't believe that he had just taken Sora. “Tai, we'll hold them back while you chase after Sora.” Agumon yelled. Agumon digivlove to... Greymon Gomamon digivolve to... Ikkakumon. Tentamon digivolve to... Kabuterimon. We, the kids, ran while the digimon fought. We came to the fire wall. I started to go though the firewall when Izzy shouted after me “Tai, I need to check the safeway through!” “We haven't got time for that Izzy. Sora needs us.” I shouted back. Joe came and grabbed my arms. “Pain still hurts Tai.” He said but it sounded like he was yelling he was so close. “What do you think this is Tai? We're just characters in a video game and we can't get hurt because these aren't our real
selves?” Izzy asked me.”Yeah something like that.” “well think again. Our bodies here are
directly linked with our bodies back home. I stopped struggling. Joe released me. “one wrong move and it's all over.” I stuttered. “O.K, the weak point is one meter to your left.” Izzy cleared. I just stood there. “Tai, it's O.K, you can go through.” I still stayed rooted to the spot. “C-can't m-move.”

Suddenly an explosion went up from the pyramid. “That's our cue.” I said. I ran towards it. `Sora better not be hurt or I'll... you need sleep Matt, sleep.'

“Tai, Sora needs us.” Joe urged. I stared petrified at the wall. “Come on.” I stayed there. Until the wall broke up the rest came rushing through. I still stayed there. “Come on! What is wrong with you?!” I heard Matt shout. He grabbed me around the neck and pulled me out of the pyramid. I'm pretty sure I was still as stiff as an ironing board when he put me down 10 minutes later.

Where's Sora?” I asked. I had assumed she had run with the rest of us but I couldn't se her. “The prisoner grabbed her and took her away.” But you know, assuming makes an you-know-what out of you and me. “well, why weren't you guys following him?!From what I saw you were just standing there, waiting for Santa Clause to rescue her.” I nearly shouted. “Well, we started to but,” Joe and Izzy diverted their gazes to Tai. “I chickened out when I realized that our bodies here are connected with our bodies in the real world.” He replied, His head down in his knees. `Great,' I thought. `Leave things to Tai and he manages to get one person kidnapped and somehow manages to not go after her. Wow, our leader is really brave and witty, isn't he?' I felt like going up to him and saying “How does it feel to be the greatest loser in digihistory?! But I managed to keep my cool and just sit down. We talked for a bit but our conversation ended when Izzy said “Why don't you guys get some sleep? Since we can't figure out a plan I'm going to try to use my computer.” “And you don't want to see Izzy when he goes into computer dark mode.”
Mimi cautioned. “You guys need to be refreshed for tomorrow.” Izzy added. Slowly we broke up and went to sleep. All but me Tai and Izzy. I went to the river. I needed to play again. I took out my harmonica and played. I felt bad about Sora being gone but I also felt guilty. I had shoved aside her own worries, giving her false information. I had never tried to see it from her point of veiw. That's when I saw Tai. He was coming up to me. I just stayed there and played. He came and sat down beside me. Just like Sora did. “Hey dude. Whatcha obsesing over?” He asked. I put down my harmonica. “Nothing.” I lied. “I know there's something man. Your eyes give it away.” “What if I put on glasses.” I muttered under my breath. `Great, I have Tai the eye reader here who wants me to fess up my problems.' I thought. “Look, I know I'm no Sora but I'm trying here.” He said. “What makes you think you have to fill in for Sora when she's not around.” I shouted at him. I got up and started walking away. He came after me. Annoying little bug. “It's Sora? Isn't
it? Did you and her get into a big fight? And now you're sad that she's gone because you'll never get the chance to say sorry.” He said. “I just gave her some misleading information, thats all!” I shouted back at him. “Oh, I see. She confessed that she was madly in love with you and you turned her down. I see it all now. You know, you shouldn't have done that, she's very sensitive.” Tai said. But there was something else in there. Anger? Something like that but I didn't have time to think about it. I was going to smash Tais face back to the real world. I turned around and punched him squar in the jaw. He fell back. “Hey, what was that for?!” Tai screamed the question at me. “For being such a jerk. Sora confessed her fears about going to the pyramid to me and I said everything would be fine!” `Opps. A little TOOO much information.' I thought. “Were you alone?” He asked in his sweetest voice. That was it. Before you could blink I was all over him, my main perpose to try and make him regret he'd ever come to cross paths with me. But I'd
also settle for ripping his heart out. Too bad Izzy heard us. I soon saw him coming up with Joe and Mimi at his side. “Hey, guys. Stop it. You fight more then the wrestling teams.” Joe said. “I can't even get my beauty sleep because you two are always fighting.” Mimi whined. `Oh, my heart goes out to you.' I thought sarcastically. “O.K, break it up.” Izzy told us. “What was the fight about?” “Well, Tai was being an annoying jerk, like usual, and said his little annoying thing.” I replied. “Well, if someone would stop being so sensitive!” Tai said. “well, if someone would stop being such an annoying little brat.” I shot back. “Well, if someone would get off of me and let me breath.!” I got off of Tai. We both stood up. “Man you're alot heavier than you look.” Tai commmented. That was the final straw. Immediatly my arm shot out, grabbed the collar of Tais shirt. Just as I was about to
punch him Izzy shouted “WAIT!!!” Me and Tai looked at him. “I was going to wait until
tommorow to tell you this but since almost everyone is wake I'll tell you now.” I let go of Tai's shirt. Izzy took a deep breath. “I think I've found Sora.” My jaw kind of , well, dropped open.

“Well,where is she?” I asked. “I think Datamon only pretended to take Sora away. I think in reality he's been here, right under Etemons nose.” Izzy said. An image came up of the pyramid. Then, at the bottom another part came up. An other triangle with a room iside. Izzy pointed to the room. “I just know that's where he's taken Sora.” Izzy explained. “It's a good place, as long as Etemon isn't sneezing.” Joe commented. “Well, lets go get Sora!” I yelled. “Yeah!” The rest agreed with me. “But first, can we try making an actual olan for once?” Izzy asked. I sighed. “O.K, then lets make a plan and THEN go for Sora!” I said.

“Uh, where am I?” I asked as I slowly came to. “You in the pyramids third basment level.” A talking tuna can said to me. “Wha, BIYOMON!” I shrieked when I saw her. “It wasn't a dream. No, No!” I yelled. I was depressed. I had been captured by a tuna can and my future lay incertain. `Com'n, rescue me.” I sent a telipathic message to my friends. Tooo bad I didn't even know how to spell telipathic. “I'm going to use your Digimon to help me destroy Etemons network. Then I will despose of you.” Datamon told me his evil plan. Like in all the movies I've seen. “You'll never be able to contol Biyomon!” I shouted at him. “She can only digivolve with my help!” “I know my dear. So that's why I making an exact replica of you.” He told me. “What?!” I shouted at him. “Don't you digidestined have ears?” He muttered. Then suddenly a yellow beam appeared which streched over the table I was laying on and made a zoom over me. “What are you doing?!” Guess who said that. Me. “So the copying begins!” Datamon yelled. I saw on another table my feet laying on them. Not that they were connected to anything. I screamed.

“O.K, if we are going to get this right we have to do our parts exactally.” I reminded eveyone. “Yeah, yeah. You're becoming as bad as Izzy.” Matt commented. I didn't think this was the best time to get into a fight with him so I ignored that. “O.K, everyone move out!” I instructed. “Harpoon torpedo!” Ikkarcumon yelled. A black cone shot out and the black part fell away, reviling a bomb. It landed on top of the pyramid. That caused a pretty big disturbance. The Digimon surrounding the place roared and loked for their opponents. So me and Izyy started to make our way to the pyramid while Matt and Joe got them to chase them. We fortunatly made it to the pyramid with out being seen or stomped on. Mirically. So we made our way through the pyramid. Until we saw gazymon everywhere. “I guess they're figured out we're here.” I said to Izzy. “I guess so.” He replied.

My copy was complete. She was standing by Datamon. Her eyes were so lifeless, so helpless. “Now, I will give her the magical crest and she will become the new Sora, only doing everything that I say.” “This can't be happing!” I cried. He gave her my tag. I saw it had my crest in in. It kind of resembled a heart.“Well, maybe it can.” I corrected myself. “Sora, press the button to overload the digivice with so much power that buzomon or whatever will be forced to digivlove twice.” Datamon commanded. “No! YOU CAN”T!!” I yelled, tears running down my face. Suddenly there was a bright light. But, I, I mean her hadn't even move towards the button! It was coming from my crest! A white light bathed over everything. I could have sworn I saw life come into Sora's eyes. But then the light became too bright to see through and I closed them. Then I heard the biggest boom in my life.

Me, Joe and Mimi were trying to defeat Etemon. Too bad he was geting the best of us. That was until a huge exploision erupted from the pyramid. “That didn't sound too good.” Joe commented. But strangly, a bright yellow light still remained until it got too strong to look at. Then, suddenly the entire pyramid was gone! Then, faster than the blink of an eye a yellow light advanced towards us! It sucked up all the bad digimon but surprisingly ours were left alone. A yellow portal opened up. Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled in! I tried to grab on to the sand but you know how holdable that is. I saw the others too. They were a little ahead of me. `Good, let them get sucked in first.' I thought angrily. I saw Tai and Izzy were about to be sucked in. That's about when I realized our Digimon still weren't being sucked in! Finally, I was forced through the hole. I know this sounds nuts but I could have sworn that I saw a crest and a tag close up the portal behind us. “This getting sucked throght the prtal thing must had scrambled up my brian.” I thought.
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