Friendship Can't Be Broken!

By: Emma

Previously on Digimon...

Matt disapreared after TK's return during all the excitement. He andGabumon walk of somewhere and Matt tells him what's wrong. He say's that he feels that nothing about him has changed since they've been in the Digi-world. He's still the same old jerk and that everybody else has grown stronger some how, more mature. Cherrimon (one of pupetmon's minions) here's him saying this. He come's over and tells him that if he want's to change he has to defeat the one who holds him back. He tells him to look into the lake beside him and he will see his rival. Cherrimon sucedes in turning Matt against Tai...


"Let's go Metalgarurumon, we'll teach Tai a lesson he'll never forget."

"Matt, whether you fight him or not I will stand by you, but Tai's your friend, are you sure about this?"

"Aghh! I don't know, somethings telling me to prove myself where another thing is telling me he's my... But friend, loyalty, there just words. No I have to do this."

"I will teach you about loyalty and friendship, even though I don't agree with this I will fight for you."

"Thanxs man."

Meanwhile back with the other Digi-destins...

"He's a big boy Sora he can take care of himself, I still think we should move on."

"Tai! how could you say that, he's one of us, your afraid we're going to lose him more than any of us. Don't even say it's not true. No matter how much you guys fight you are like brothers to one another."

"She's right Tai. I've even writen about it in my computer journal." Izzy agrees.

"Whatever!" says Tai as he walks away in a hurry.

"You know even though he has a bad taste in clothes he's not that bad."

"Mimi, trust you to think about clothes at a time like this." laughs Joe.

"I miss my big brother" sobs TK.

"Don't worry, he'll be ok!" Kari says trying to calm TK.

A russle in the bushes brings everybody to there senses. Matt suddenly jumps through the bushes on Metalgarurumon's back. He jumps off and everybody surrounds him.

"Matt! I missed you so much!" cries TK.

"I missed you to little body."

"Where were you man? You had us worried."

"Like you'd care Tai."

"Metalgarurumon, it's time to start!"

"I strongly suggest you digi-volve Agumon. This is a challenge you can't refuse."

"What? What are you talking about Metalgarurumon. Why do you want to fight?"

Metalgarurumon uses Ice wolf claw on Agumon and misses.

"Better digi-volve, I won't miss next time."

"Tai make him stop before Agumon get's hert!" Kari yells.

"I can't. MATT! Call him off."

"No Tai I won't it's time for you to fight for your place as ruler."

"What I'm not going to fight you."

"Well then Agumon's going to pay."

"Fine then Agumon time to digi-volve"

Agumon digi-volve's into a mega-Wargramon and the battle begins, but the Digimon stop when they see there two leaders in a bloody combat. Matt and Tai are rolling over and Tai finaly breaks free of Matt's grip and tells Matt "Stop it! Can't you see that this is what Pupetmon wanted! It was him who you met wasn't it? So don't let them get to you!"

"No! Your the one who's keeping me back! The one who's not letting me change!"

"Matt you've changed more than any of us!" cried Sora.

"Stop... Don't confuse me!" Matt said as he fell to his knees and started sobbing.

"Matt listen to me! Don't let them get to you! Lets..." but Tai never finished because Pupet mon showed up and called out "Matt he's your rival rememeber! Finish him off!"

"Don't listen to him!"

Matt looked at Tai then at Pupetmon and then got up and starting to look towards Pupetmon with a bewitched look in his eyes. He starts towards him when Tk jumps in front of him.

"Matt," he cries throwing his arms around him, "don't go I love you!"

This brought Matt out of his trance and he gives TK a hug and tells Metalgarurumon and Metalgraymon to attack. A mighty cheer was let up from the group as Pupetmon is finally defeated and they are once again

on there way to saving the Digital World.

By Emma