Matt's New Friend

by Yama13

"One fine, sunny, summer day, I was just waking up at the usual time, around 8 o' clock. I stretched my arms and took a gaze out my window. It was a beautiful day out; the sky was clear, birds were chirping, and best of all I was going to meet up with all of my best friends today! Why? Well, today is the day that my best friend, Ashley, had reserved the public pool for a couple of hours for a pool party. Oh, it's going to be awesome! I've never anticipated something so much before. But, yet I had the strangest feeling that, well I can't really explain it but, it was like something really cool and something really bad was to happen at the pool. But come on, how could any thing as strange as that happen at my best friend's party? What am I going to do, not go? Oh, Please! I'll have a great time, if I get that feeling again, I'll just be careful at what I'm doing, right?
"I packed up some dry clothes (don't forget clean underwear!), and a water-proof camera. I put some sandals on and packed some sneakers; then I put my bathing suit on and some overalls over that and set off. Oh, what a glorious day, the grass couldn't be greener, the sky couldn't be bluer, why, and even the noisy neighbors next door seemed to be more peaceful today!
"As I approached the pool I noticed that almost the whole gang was there already. Ashley (of course), Renee, Amanda, Ash Lee, Danielle, Lynnie, Chantal, Erica, all of them! "Hey, Lala! The water is great!" They hollered over to me (By the way, my name is Laura, but my close friends call me Lala). I quickly stripped of the overalls and jumped in. Ahh… the water was great. I had been swimming for almost an hour when, "Hey, who's brave enough to jump from the high dive?" It was Josh, Ashley's pesky little brother; he was only a year or two younger than we were, but ever so immature. I looked around and found that no one seemed brave enough to actually do it. Then, without even thinking, I hopped out of the pool and started to climb the long climb to the top of the high dive. It seemed to take forever to get to the top, but when I finally did, I started to get that strange feeling again. Slowly approaching the edge I took a nervous look down. Wow, the twenty-five foot drop seemed a lot taller. I gulped hard, took a deep breath and put my toes to the edge."

(In the digital world)
"Prodigious!" Izzy exclaimed. "I've yet again discovered something particularly outstanding."
"What is it? Come on don't leave us hanging." Tai joined in.
"It seems to me that Gennai has secretly uploaded another program on my computer. It enables me to, well, create another digidestined."
"WHAT?!" Every one recited.
"Yes, I know," Izzy continued, "Outstanding, isn't it?"
"But why would we need another digidestined when there is already eight of us?" Matt said. "I mean we were in trouble with MetalSeadramon, but we've beaten him, and we have with all the other evil digimon before, why not now?"
"That's a good question Matt," Izzy said, "I'm guessing that this trouble with The Dark Masters is too big for us. We need some one else.
"Aw, this is getting fishy," Joe said, "We just picked up Kari a week ago and now we need another to join us?"
"Don't worry, Joe," Izzy explained, "this program is pretty complicated and even if I figure it out this second, we may not be able to receive this new digidestined until months from now, who knows."
"Hey Izzy," Sora piped in, "The last time there was another digidestined, we had to go after it, and bring them back to the digiworld. Are you saying that this digidestined is going to be able to just come here out of thin air?"
"Yes, actually," he answered, "Unbelievable, huh? This is what we have to do: we first have to create the Crest, which is the hard part, we put a little or a lot of each of our Crests into the program. It's sort of like mixing a potion, the more we put of this Crest, the more he or she will be like it. After that, when the Crest is complete, it will evaporate and travel by little particles through this world to our word, searching on its own for the person whom resembles it perfectly. When that person is found, wherever he or she is, they will be transported here into the digiworld. Hmm… that's strange," Izzy suddenly murmured.
"What? What is it?" Mimi screeched.
"It doesn't say a thing about a digimon." Izzy continued.
"That's great," Tai said, "What's the use of another digidestined when they can't have a digimon? How are they supposed to help us fight?!"
"Hey what's that?" T.K. asked.
"What's what?" Izzy said startled with confusion.
"That! The dancing Electmon in the corner!" Kari chimed in pointing to the icon.
Izzy quickly opened the file and suddenly a burst of light flashed out from the laptop's screen, blinding everyone's sight. Then, there was a long list of digimon in training. "Hey, I think we are supposed to pick one." Izzy said with amazement, "Prodigious."
After a long while of debating on which one was stronger, and which one was cuter, and which one had the best hair, they decided they first should make the Crest, then worry about what digimon. Soon, they realized how late it was and decided it was due to sleep. They would make the Crest in the morning.
But no one seemed to be able to sleep that night. There was so much on their minds…

Matt thought, "What if it's a boy my age? Will he be a real jerk, or even worse, a real loser? Well, who ever it is, I'm going to be sure to put a lot of my Crest of Friendship into him."

Izzy thought, "Hmm, I wonder, if this person will be as intelligent as I am? Or will he be a real dunce? Oh well, who can tell? I'm just going to make sure that he has a lot of my Crest worked in."

Tai thought, "Wow, another digidestined, I hope its another guy. I wonder if he'll be really brave like me, a headstrong leader. Or will he be a real wimp like Joe? Oh well, I'm gonna make sure that he has a lot of courage from my Crest."

Sora thought, "Oh great, another adventurous hike up wild-goose-chase mountain. All I want is it to be a girl; there are enough brainless boys in our group, and I hope that she will have a lot of love for her digimon. I want her to have a big section from my Crest of Love."

Joe thought, "Aw man, I hope the new guy can help me catch up with all the work I must have missed. And he better be reliable, like me and the Crest of Reliability. I'm going to make sure there is a lot of reliability in the Crest we are creating."

T.K. thought, "Yippee another one to join us! This is gonna be great, first Kari, now another one! I hope she's really nice and caring, yeah that's it. I hope she has a big hunk from the Crest of Hope!"

Kari thought, "Who ever this new person is, I just want her to do a great job, it doesn't really matter to me whether she has a bigger part from my Crest. I just want to fix the digiworld so that our digimon will be safe again."

Mimi thought, "Oh wow! Another digidestined! I just hope it's a girl with the same dress size as me so that we can try one each others clothes, but I also don't want the Crest of Sincerity to be left out of all the fun. Oh…"

The night wore on restlessly, until finally they had all dozed off way past midnight with their faithful digimon by their sides.
Early the next morning, the digimon were the first to wake up since they weren't up all night worrying. With stomachs growling, they set off for food. Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Biyomon, Palmon, Patamon, Gatomon, and Gomamon, all went in search of berries and other fruits.
Back at camp, Matt was the first human to wake up. He stretched his body to its fullest and then gazed up to the sunny, summer day, he felt a strange feeling. It was like something really cool and really bad was going to happen that day. But, he soon forgot it, because every one else started to wake. "Yawn. After a good breakfast we can get down to some business." Izzy said sleepily. "Where is Gabumon?" Matt asked aloud. "Hmm…that's a good question, Tentomon is gone too, as well as all of the other digimon. I think they have gone to get us something to eat. That's the best conclusion I am able to come up with, sorry."
Matt stared earnestly out to the small lake, where they had camped, still not able to figure out what it will be like having another join them so quickly. He couldn't help to think tons of questions that needed immediate answers: 'Will we know this person?, Will he or she share the same secret we all have about what happened four years ago?, but most of all, Will he or she clique with us as easily as we did?, I don't want whoever this digidestined is to be an outsider like I have made myself to be.'
Soon enough, all the digimon had returned with fresh berries, and fruits of all shapes and sizes. Every one had awaken, well almost, Mimi had not "fully" come out of her trance. "Hey, let's catch some fish, too!" Joe said, "Gomamon, this time try not to warn your little fishy friends away, or we'll starve to death!"
"Hey Joe, just calm down, okay?!" Mimi said with a screech, "I'm not a morning person and I don't appreciate you BEING SO LOUD!!!!!!!!!!"
"Hey! It's Gennai!" Izzy exclaimed. "He's sent me some e-mail stating that we must…what! 'We have to hurry our little butts in making the Crest and stop being such lazy bums!' " Izzy sighed. "Ah, well there's old men of today for you."
Every one laughed, but that was until Piedmon arrived. "HA HA HA HA HA! You little fools, sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories I see, but its too bad that you would live to see the end!"

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