Digi-Chat Room

By Philzurfer

(Philzurfer is looking ont his computer looking at the chat window)

You are now logged on to the Digi-Chat Room. Moderator: Philzurfer # of Users: 1

Philzurfer: Damn it! Where are those digidestined?

Tai has logged on to Digi-Chat Room

Tai: Hey! Here's the life of the party!

Philzurfer: Not much of a party. Just because I'm not a cartoon, doesn't mean I don't chat well.

Matt has logged on to Digi-Chat Room

Matt: I'd give autographs, but I have nothing to sign. Any cute girls wanna be my cyber girlfriend?

Philzurfer: Not unless you want to have a relationship with a female digidestined. Not that they're here.

Sora has logged on to Digi-Chat Room

Sora: Hey everyone!

Tai: Hey, Sora. Wanna go in a person-to-person chat?

Sora: Okay.

Tai and Sora have logged on to Private # 1.

Matt: I wonder what they're doing.

Philzurfer: You tell me.

Izzy has logged on to Digi-Chat Room

Philzurfer: Hey, Izzy. You're the genius. Can you help us look onto Tai and Sora's private chat?

Izzy: Sure. I've done it dozens of times. Just a little click and hack there.

(A window appears on Philzurfer's, Matt's, and Izzy's screens. It is Private # 1.)

Tai: Sora, I'm sorry for standng you up last night.

Sora: Yeah. For like the tenth time.

Tai: Listen, it's kind of hard to have a relationship in secret.

Sora: Why do we keep it a secret?

Tai: Um.........I think the creators don't want the love rumors to come true.

Sora: Oh.

(In first window)

Matt: Who knew? They're going out.

Izzy: We did. How many times do we have to explain? You do it, Phil.

Philzurfer: Ahem. Ever since my first disastorous digi-fanfic, you have declared love to each other dozens of times. Why? Because your stupid owners keep on brainwashing you. But lately, they've been slacking. Except in your case.

Matt: But I don't like any one in this group.

Philzurfer: Let's not get into that.

Mimi has logged on to Digi-Chat Room

Mimi: Hi! Is there cyber-shopping here?

Matt: I think you have to go to pinkgirl.com.

Philzurfer: No don't. Please.

Mimi: Sorry. I have major cyber abusing to do at my father's credit card.

Izzy: Please, Mimi. We can chat in private.

Izzy and Mimi have logged on to Private # 2

(Another window pops up due to Izzy's hacking. It's Private # 2)

Izzy: So, Mimi-girl. Bought any sexy clothing?

Mimi: Mmm-hmmm. When you going to come see them?

(In first window)

Matt: Who thought that Izzy would be such a ladies-man.

Philzurfer: Not me.

Joe has logged on to Digi-Chat Room

Joe: What's going on? How come I have three windows on my screen.

Philzurfer: We're watching love-chats.

Matt: Izzy's got it going on!

Joe: Look at Tai and Sora.

(In Private # 1)

Tai: I don't think your mom will let me back in your house.

Sora: Just because we were making out.

Tai: I'd like to do more than make out.

Sora: Ooohhhhhh!

(In first window)

Joe: Wow!

Matt: Wow!

Philzurfer: Wow!

Mimi 2 has logged on to Digi-Chat Room

Mimi 2: Who took my name? I had to register as 2.

Philzurfer: Well thay haven't been slacking that much.

(Read Digi-Talk Show <id236.htm>)

Joe: Mimi, wanna go into another room.

Mimi 2: Kay.

Mimi 2 and Joe have logged onto Private # 3

(Another window appears on the sceens)

Joe: How are you my pink godess?

Mimi 2: Aching for you.

Joe: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

(In first window)

Matt: JOE!

Philzurfer: Well, either he's been hiding his true nature or he's been taking lessons.

Matt: I know. I didn't even think he'd show up. Seeing as how his mother is afraid of the internet.

T.K. has logged on to Digi-Chat Room

T.K.: Is Kari here?

Matt: No. HEY! What are you doing up this late?

T.K.: Come on, Matt. Mom's not half as strict as Dad is.

Matt: Lucky dog.

T.K.: Hey. What's going on in the other windows?

Matt: Um...None of your buisness.

T.K.: Matt, I have seen R-rated movies.

Philzurfer: Yeah, well if they continue much longer, it will turn into X.

Kari has logged on to Digi-Chat Room

Kari: Hi, T.K.

T.K.: Hi, Kari. Bye, guys. See ya in a private room, Kari?

Kari: Yep.

T.K. and Kari have logged on to Private # 4

T.K.: So Kari, where should we go on our next date.

Kari: I was thinking we'd stay at home and watch Titanic.

T.K.: Titanic!!! Ick!!! I wanna see Rambo: First Blood.

(In first window)

Matt: Everyday dating problems.

Philzurfer: Well the ohers have everything going smooth.

(In Private # 1)

Tai: Hey, do you think Datamon kidnapped you because he had a crush on you?

Sora: Maybe.

Tai: Why that dirty son of a *****!

Sora: Don't get so riled up.

Tai: No one touches my woman except me.

Sora: YOUR woman?

Tai: My most beautiful, extremely attractive, agonizingly sexy girlfriend.

(First window)

Philzurfer: Nice save.

Matt: You can say that again.

(Private # 2)

Izzy: What color bra are you wearing?

Mimi: Guess.

Izzy: Tentalizing Pink?

Mimi: Close.

Izzy: Passionate Pink?

Mimi: Exactly.

(First window)

Matt: Ahhhhhhhwoooooooooo!

Philzurfer: I thought you didn't like her.

Matt: You got to admit, it turns you on.

(Private # 3)

Joe: You have dumped all your other boyfriends, right?

Mimi 2: Ummmmmm.....

Joe: What!!!????

Mimi 2: Oh don't worry. You're the only one for me. No one kisses like you.

Joe: And no one turns me on like you.

(First window)

Philzurfer: (whistle)

Matt: You go, Joe!

Tori has logged on to Digi-Chat Room

Matt: TORI....

Philzurfer: You weren't invited! You're not a real digidestined.

Tori: So? Matt wanna go to another room?

Matt: DO I EVER!

Matt and Tori have logged on to Private # 5

(Private # 5)

Tori: What you been doing, big guy?

Matt: Thinking of you.

Tori: I've been thinking of you in my room.

(Private # 1)

Tai: What do you say we elope?

Sora: Tai, we're only kids.

Tai: So? Those Vegas chapels will take anyone with cash.

Sora: And what about our parents?

Tai: I was just thinking of your warm burning kisses.

Sora: They don't compare to yours.

Tai: I can't wait to feel you all over me.

Sora: What do you say we log off? There's a nice spot in Digiworld I know.

Tai has logged off.

Sora has logged off.

(Private # 2)

Izzy: I've just been looking at some of those pictures you sent me.

Mimi: You liked them?

Izzy: I wish I could see you like that in person!

Mimi: You can. You know that place in Digiworld?

Izzy has logged off.

Mimi has logged off.

(Private # 3)

Joe: Oh I wish I had one of those cameras that lets you see the person you're chatting with. I want to linger on yur sexy looks.

Mimi 2: And I wish you could show me your rippling muscles.

Joe: Did you hear about that place in Digiworld?

Mimi 2 has logged off.

Joe has logged off.

(Private # 4)

Kari: You know, you've never kissed me ever.

T.K.: You wouldn't think it too forward?

Kari: Of course not. It's not like you're going to do something disrespectful.

T.K.: I know where I can kiss you.

Kari: Where?

T.K.: There's a place in Digiworld.

Kari has logged off.

T.K. has logged off.

(Private # 5)

Tori: I miss your big hair.

Matt: Big hair? Tai has big hair. I have a cool 'do.

Tori: A 'do that turns me on.

Matt: You know where you can see it?

Tori: A place in Digiworld?

Matt: See you there!

Matt has logged off.

Tori has logged off.

(First room)

Philzurfer: That's it, I guess. Where are they going, I wonder. Why am I chatting with myself?

Phizlurfer has logged off.

(Meanwhile at the Make-out Hotel)

Manager: Sorry. We're full.

The digidestined are kicked out.

Tai: Well that's that I guess.

Sora: It's a shame, honey.

Matt: After all I wanted to do with you.

Tori: I wanted it more.

Izzy: I should have calculated that it would be full.

Mimi: It's not your fault, Izzykins.

Joe: So much for my rippling muscles.

Mimi 2: Joe, your face is better.

T.K.: So much for our first kiss.

Kari: It would have been better than Titanic.

In the bushes, the digimon are watching.

Patamon: What? Can't they kiss there.

Gatomon: Humans are complicated creatures.

Gabumon: They need their space.

Biyomon: I know Sora is yearning for Tai

Augumon: Tai is burning.

Palmon: Both Mimi's want their men.

Tentomon: Izzy was so looking forward to this.

Gommamon: Why can't they just make out in the woods?

Everybody looks at the wise Gommamon. Seconds later, a shout comes from the bushes.

Shout: Make out in the forest!

Sora: Who was that?

Tai: Who cares? Let's go!

Everyone leaves.