Digimon...A Few Years Later...

By: Erin-Anne

A bit of back ground..........

TAI-Is in law school,trying to become a Lawyer.(Duh!)
SORA-Is training to be in a Girl's pro-soccer league.
MATT-Works at a gas station,wants to start his own Punk band,but has had no success.
MIMI-Still lives with her parents.Dates A Lot!No plans for the future.
JOE-Works at a pet store.Talks a lot to the rabbits........
IZZY-Slowly overtaking bill gates........
T.K-Is in grade 11.Doing poorly in school due to depression.
KARI-Is a grade 11,and the perfect student.A's,cheerleader,Wants to be a reporter.
The Digidestoned have had there memories erased and gone on with life as normal.But not for long........

Narr-Sora was walking down to the connivance store to get some power aid,when she bumps into tai.
TAI-Hey Sora!It's been a while!
SORA-Sure has!It's so good to see you!How's Carrie?
TAI-You mean Kari?
TAI-I'm going to meet her for lunch now.Wanna join us?
TAI-O.k then......
NARR-The two of them walk off to meet kari.When only a few blocks away.......

MATT-Come on T.k!You need to get out of the house more!This lunch out will be good for you!
T.K-Whatever.How's your band coming?
MATT-It's umm......coming....
NARR-Matt sounds vague.
MATT-Who said that??
NARR-Um....Matt is distracted by a fast walking kid on a cell phone.
IZZY-Blasted Microsoft!I can't believe this.Damn bill gates!
NARR-From the other side comes MIMI.
MIMI-(As she passes Matt)EWWW!Could you take the grudge look any farther?
MATT-Who asked you barbie?
IZZY-Would you people shut up?I'm making a deal here!
MIMI-Make a deal to get some good clothes buddy!
NARR-Joe crashes into tai,who is just coming up to a restaurant on the corner.
JOE-Sorry.Hey,would you like to buy a rabbit?
TAI-Are you mega messed up kid?I don't want a rabbit!
NARR-Suddenly,Things begin to fall from the sky.
MATT-OUCH!What the hell was that?T.k,did you throw one of those stupid nano babes at me?
MATT-Than what the hell is this?
IZZY-Looks like a mini digital device.Damn!I wish I had invented these!I bet it was bill gates!
KARI-What's going on?What's all this stuff on the ground?
NARR-Suddenly,Eight digimon come from the sky.
GATOMON-Hello guys.
NARR-The memories come flooding back to the kids.
MATT-Who keeps saying that stuff?
NARR-Umm.....Matt suddenly goes mute.
GATOMON-The digiworld is in trouble!You kids must help us out!
TAI-Oh no!The last time I was there,Matt and his crappy Gabumon attacked me and broke up the group.
MIMI-I'm not going back.I have a huge date with this really cute guy.............
T.K.-I don't care.We're all gonna die anyway.
KARI-Why are you so unhappy when life is so great t.k?
T.K-Tai,will you get mad if i kill her?
TAI-Meh.I guess not.
IZZY-Do you know how much money I could get selling these things?Digimon.......100 bucks a pop!That would show bill gates!
T.K-Bill gates probably doesn't know who the hell you are.
JOE-Patamon....you look like a rabbit..........Did you know that?
NARR-Izzy begins stuffing the digimon in a bag.
NARR-Hey!Stupid crest of friendship my ass!Stop hitting me Matt! MATT SUDDENLY THINKS HE'S A RABBIT!!
JOE-Matt......did you ever know you are really cute?
NARR-Matt tries to run,but he can't.he he.
SORA-Where did the digimon go?
IZZY-They sold like hotcakes!
TAI-Good.Can we get on with our lives now?
NARR 2-Matt suddenly kills the narrator,and his voice returns.
MATT-What are you people,dumb asses?Can you guys see the narrators?
SORA-I would say the pressure has gotten to Matt,but what pressure?
TAI-He always seemed crazy to me.
MATT-Want me to kick your ass again tai?
NARR 2-Matt and Tai lunge at each other.
MATT-That's it!I'm leaving.These narrators are driving me crazy!
NARR 2-Matt leaves.
SORA-So T.K.............wanna go out some time?
TAI-What are you doing?
SORA-I'm sick of waiting for you to notice me!
T.K-I may as well go.
NARR 2-Sora and t.k leave.
MIMI-I'm free tai!Like my new hair do?
JOE-I do mimi,you look like a rabbit!!!
NARR 2-Joe chases mimi down the street.
IZZY-Well,that just leaves the three of us.
TAI-I can't believe sora ditched me!
KARI-Cheer up!The sun is shining,it's a lovely day.......
TAI-I don't care if you ARE my sister,I'm gonna kill you!!!!
NARR 2-Tai lunges at kari.
MATT-Take this narrator 2!!!!!Hope you enjoy these rabbit ears covered with super glue!!!Hey Joe!!!!!
JOE-Who is that guy in the rabbit ears?He's cute!
TAI-Well,I just killed my own sister.
MATT-And you say I'm crazy!
MIMI-Matt!You saved me!Wanna join me at the mall?
NARR 3-Matt goes with mimi.
MATT-NO!They just never stop!!!Anything but the mall with mimi!!!!
TAI-Wow,that was interesting.So,how are you izzy?
IZZY-I'm gonna kill bill gates!!!!!!
TAI-You do that.
NARR 3-And izzy us ff.
TAI-Hey!Now I see what Matt was talking about!So,what's your name?
NARR 3-Oh,I'm Era.I only took this crappy job to get some money to pay off my student loans.I'm in law school.
TAI-No kidding!Wanna join me for dinner??
NARR 3(ERA)-I'd love that.
NARR 4-And so the two lawyers walk off into the sunset.Was that a crappy story or what?But you can't blame me,I just showed up now.
KARI-But you need to think of a good ending.
NARR 4-I thought you were dead!
KARI-As if.A fly is stronger than my brother.
NARR 4-Well....um.....how would you end it?
KARI-No way!I'm not taking any responsibility for this dumb fan fic!
NARR 4-How about.........to be continued?
KARI-Oh no!Not that!
NARR 4-You got a better idea?
NARR 4-Well than....to be continued.
KARI-Oh Crap.......I hope not............