Part One: Return to the Digiworld

by Dreamcatcher and Wulipix

The sun set across the sky and created a
picture-perfect sunset. However, the redhead boy
failed to notice this amazing view from his bedroom
window. He was too busy typing away on his computer. A
sound informed the boy that he had an email. “I wonder
what it could be?” Izzy asked himself. He opened up
the email, which read:

“Izzy, my boy, I'm afraid I have bad news. There's
some trouble brewing here in the Digiworld. A new evil
Digimon has been trying to take over. You should be
able to find four kids that might help you out with
this new evil. I'm sending you their crests and
digivices through this email. Just click on the
attached file. Without these four kids, you might find
yourself in a jam and not be able to defeat this new
evil. Oh, shoot! Coffee's done. Gotta go now! Gennai.”

Izzy clicked on a file, which was attached to the
email. Suddenly, eight small objects shot out of his
computer screen and landed on his bed. Izzy took a
quick glance at the objects, then grabbed his cell
phone and started to dial a phone number. A few
moments later, he could hear it ringing. After three
or four rings, a click was heard, then a woman's voice
answered, “Hello? This is the Kamiya residence. How
may I help you?” “Good evening, Mrs. Kamiya. This is
Izzy Koushiro. Is Tai at home?”  Izzy asked Tai's

The bus slightly bumped as it drove through the
streets of Japan. However, the black-haired boy didn't
even notice it as he stared out the window. It was
great to finally be back home again. “Home.” The
thought stuck in the boy's mind. Was that really where
he was? Was this really his home? “Of course not, I
was never welcomed here,” his mind argued. How long
had it been since he was last in Japan? “Four years
now,” his mind reminded him. The bus stopped for a
moment to pick up more passengers. A soft plop told
him that someone took the seat right next to him. Zack
didn't bother to look away from the window, however.

“Hiya,” a cheery voice greeted. When Zack didn't
respond, the voice started again. “Hello! I'm talking
to you! Don't pretend you didn't hear me,” the voice
demanded, getting louder with each word. Zack turned
to have a look at his current companion. It was a boy
about his age, with sandy blond hair. The kid was
crossing his arms in agitation. “Hi,” was the short
reply as Zack turned his head back towards the window.

“See? It doesn't kill ya to talk,” the kid replied.
“What's your name? Mine's Satori, Yuuchi. Nice to meet
you.” “Zack.” It was his adopted American name that he
had given himself. He despised his Japanese name and
wouldn't respond to it. “Gee, you don't talk much, do
you?” Yuuchi asked. Zack ignored this and noticed it
was his stop. He was glad to get away from this
annoying boy who didn't seem to shut up. Grabbing
everything he had brought with him, he climbed off the
bus and walked the short distance to his home.

Yuuchi watched the kid with silent eyes. He could tell
that the boy wanted nothing but to be left alone. But
he wasn't going to let it be that way. He shrugged his
shoulders and stared at the roof of the bus, satisfied
with the current silence...

“Yes, Mimi. You have to go!” Izzy remarked sternly on
the phone. “All of us have to go, including four new
Digi-Destined. Who? Well, I'm not exactly sure...
Gennai never mentioned any names in his email. Don't
worry, we'll find them. Remember that we're meeting at
the park at 12 PM tomorrow. Don't be late! Good night,
Mimi.” He hung up the phone, stretched out his arms,
and yawned. Izzy glanced at his clock and noticed it
was 11:15.

Izzy had finally finished calling all of his friends.
Now, it was a matter of finding the kids that Genai
mentioned. “Where could they be? How come Genai didn't
mention them earlier?” Similar questions flew through
his mind. They had agreed to split up into groups to
find the kids. Then afterwards, they would return to
the Digiworld and face whatever new danger plagued its
existance. He couldn't wait to see Tentomon again,
they had only been gone a couple of days now. But it
must have been years to the Digimon. Plenty of time
for whatever new evil lurked on Digiworld to take
over. Izzy yawned again. “Plenty of time to think this
all over tomorrow.” With that thought, Izzy climbed
into his bed and fell asleep...

It was half past noon the next day at the park, where
the kids agreed to meet.  Everyone was sitting on the
grass in a circle, while Izzy was standing. “It's
vital that we find these four Digi-Destined before we
depart for the Digiworld,” Izzy explained. “But, how
are we gonna find them, Izzy?” Sora asked. “It's like
looking for a needle in a haystack.” “These should
help us out,” Izzy explained as he opened his backpack
and pulled out four digivices. Everyone gasped when
they saw the digivices. “How did you get those?” Tai
blurted out.

“Gennai sent them to me last night through my
computer, along with these.” Izzy reached into his
backpack again and pulled out four tags, complete with
crests. “If anybody doesn't mind, I plan on holding
onto the crests for safekeeping, until we find their
owners,” Izzy advised as he carefully placed the
crests back in his backpack. “Okay, we have agreed
earlier to split up into teams of two. Tai's with
Kari, Matt's with T.K., Sora's with Joe, and I'm with

“All right. Let's get going,” Tai exclaimed as he and
everyone else stood up. “Wait a minute!” Izzy yelled.
Tai groaned and asked, “What now, Izzy?” “It would be
best if each team carries one of these digivices,” he
suggested as he handed a digivice to Kari, Matt, and
Sora. “They will indicate if one of the Digi-Destined
is in the area.” “That will help out a lot,” Kari
remarked. “How about we meet back here in an hour.
Okay, everyone?” Tai asked. Everyone nodded in

While the others left to search the city, Matt and
T.K. decided to stay in the park and look around.
“Matt, why are we looking in the park?” T.K. asked his
older brother. “Truth is, I'm not really sure,” Matt
admitted. “I have a strange feeling that one of them
is right here.” Suddenly, the digivice in Matt's hand
started to vibrate. “What is it, Matt?” T.K. asked
when he realized Matt stopped walking. He slowly
walked around in a circle, watching the digivice as he
walked. Matt stopped when the vibration became
stronger. “This way!” he exclaimed as he ran off, with
T.K. following as fast as he could...

A young girl was sitting on a park bench, reading a
book. She took a quick glance at her watch and sighed.
“What's taking her so long?” she murmured as she
continued to read. She tucked a small lock of her long
chestnut hair behind her ear.  Two small black
scrungies held a small pair of pigtails in place. Her
amethyst eyes looked up from her book. She heard some
rustling from a nearby bush. After a minute, she
shrugged her shoulders. “Must have been the wind,” she
told herself. She looked up again when two young boys
emerged from the bushes. She could tell that they were
brothers. The taller one around her age was looking at
something is his hand, while the smaller boy

“Hey, Matt,” T.K. yelled, pulling on his brother's
shirt. “What is it?” Matt asked. He bent down on one
knee and T.K. whispered in his ear. “Is that her?”
“Who?” Matt whispered. “That girl over there!” T.K.
whispered. “Is she the one we're looking for?” Matt
looked up and took a quick glance at the girl sitting
on the bench. “Strange,” he thought. “I have some
strange feeling that I've seen her somewhere before.”
Matt shook off the feeling and looked back down at his
brother. “Could be, T.K.,” he whispered. “She's the
only one here, and...”

“Can I help you with something?” they heard the girl
ask. She had gotten up from the bench and was walking
toward them. She was wearing a purple T-shirt with a
pink crescent moon on the front, baggy black cargo
shorts, and short black hiking boots. Matt noticed
that the digivice's vibrations became stronger as the
girl came closer. He decided to make sure that she was
indeed one of the Digi-Destined. A plan quickly formed
in his head.

“I haven't seen you around before. Are you new here?”
Matt asked. “Yes, I am,” the girl replied with a
smile. “I'm Marisa.” “I'm Matt, and this is my little
brother, T.K.,” Matt said. He extended his hand to
Marisa, which contained the digivice. “Nice to meet
you,” Marisa said as she took Matt's hand to shake it.
Suddenly, a rainbow-like glow emerged from the
digivice. “Marisa's definitely one of us,” Matt
thought to himself. Shocked by what just happened,
Marisa quickly let go of Matt's hand, causing the
digivice to fall to the ground. “What was that?” she

Meanwhile, a young girl was roller blading down the
sidewalk as fast as she could. “Sorry!” she yelled as
she bumped into a young man. “I hope Marisa's not
angry with me,” she muttered to herself. She shook her
head as an attempt to get her short blond hair out of
her face. She stopped for a moment to look at a clock
on a bank. The time was 1:05. “Aww, man! I'm an hour
late! She's gonna kill me!” the girl cried out as she
built up speed. Suddenly, she turned the corner and
SMACK! She ran into a young boy and they both fell to
the ground...

“Are you all right, Tai?” Kari asked as she tried to
help her brother stand up. “Well, I have had better
days,” Tai muttered as he stood up. “Why don't you
watch where you're going!” he yelled at the girl who
ran into him. She was wearing roller blades, a pair of
jeans, and a red-and-blue striped tank top. “Look, I'm
really sorry about that,” she apologized as she
carefully got up. Her blue eyes were also pleading for

Tai felt his little sister elbow him. “All right,” he
finally said. Kari elbowed him again. “What?” he
exclaimed. “You should apologize too, Tai,” Kari
explained. “You shouldn't have yelled at her like
that. It was just an accident.” Tai groaned a bit and
turned toward the girl. “I'm sorry for yelling at
you,” he grumbled. The girl smiled a bit.

“Thanks,” she said. “Sorry to run off, but I'm
supposed to meet someone in the park over an hour
ago!” She sped past Tai and Kari. “That's weird,” Tai
thought. “I got a strange feeling of déjà vu from that
girl.” He was too busy watching the girl that he
didn't hear Kari yelling for him. “Huh? What is it,
Kari?” “I think that girl is one of the Digi-Destined,
Tai,” Kari explained. “Why do you think that?” Tai
asked. “The digivice reacted when she went past me.”
“Aww, man! We probably lost her!” Tai exclaimed.
“Didn't she say she had to go to the park to meet
someone?” Kari asked. Tai thought hard about it.
“Yeah, she did! Let's go!” Tai ran as fast as he could
to the park, with Kari at his heels...

A boy slowly walked down the streets, holding a few
bags in his hands. He had jet-black hair and was
wearing a red T-shirt and denim jeans. His dark brown
eyes watched the people pass him as they went about
their daily business. His parents had chewed him out
since he had gotten home so late, and his punishment
was to get the groceries. Two kids caught his eye, one
was staring at his hand and the other was looking

“Got anything yet, Izzy?” Mimi asked dully, looking at
the shorter kid next to her. Izzy was about to say no
when the little device in his hand started to respond.
“As a matter of fact, I do have something,” Izzy
replied. Mimi's head snapped up and looked around. A
fairly tall kid was walking towards them. He was
carrying a few bags as he made his way. Mimi looked
around a little more, but that was the only kid she
saw in the crowd of people. “Izzy, is that's the guy?”
Mimi whispered, pointing to the black haired kid. Izzy
looked up and pointed the digivice in the direction
Mimi was pointing. The digivice in his hand was now
vibrating harder then it previously was. “I think
you're right,” Izzy confirmed.

Zack looked at his watch. It wasn't that late. His
parents would still be working by now. A light tap on
his shoulder disturbed him from his thoughts. Zack saw
the two kids he had been studying earlier standing
before him. “What do you want?” Zack asked. The girl
looked down at her companion, who nodded. “I was
wondering, do you know what this is? I found it on the
street,” Izzy asked, holding out the digivice.

Zack looked at the thing and arched an eyebrow. Zack
set down one of the grocery bags and went to grab the
device to have a better look at it. As soon as his
hand touched the digivice, it lit up and he pulled his
hand back quickly. “Umm, I have to get going. Gotta
get these groceries home before they spoil,” Zack
stuttered quickly before walking off. “Now what?” Mimi
asked. “We follow him. We can't go to the Digiworld
without him,” Izzy theorized, running in the direction
Zack went, with Mimi following behind...

“I still don't know why we have to look around here,”
Joe admitted nervously as he looked around. He and
Sora have found themselves in one of the worst
sections of the city. The walls of the old, run-down
brick buildings were covered with graffiti, the alleys
and sidewalks were littered with garbage, and sirens
were heard every five minutes or so. “I told you
before, Joe. The digivice reacted a little bit
earlier, so the kid's gotta be around here somewhere,”
Sora reminded him. She was about ready to give up
until the digivice started to vibrate. “Hey, it's
reacting again!” Sora exclaimed as she quickly scanned
the area for any kids. A sandy-blond haired boy was
carrying a garbage bag to a nearby dumpster. The kid
was wearing an army-green T-shirt with black shorts.
Joe and Sora looked at each other, then walked over to
the kid.

Yuuchi looked up when he heard footsteps walking
towards his way. Two kids had approached him. “Hiya!
What brings you to this side of the neighborhood?”
Yuuchi asked. He hadn't seen these kids around before.
“We're...looking for someone,” Joe replied hesitantly.
“Well, I know a lot of people in this neighborhood, so
maybe I can help you out,” Yuuchi offered. “You see,
we're looking for the owner of this,” Sora announced.
She held out the digivice, which was now vibrating
more then it was before.

Yuuchi's viridian eyes looked over the device in her
hand. He reached out to grab it, so he could have a
better look. As soon as he touched the device, it lit
up. He didn't seem bothered one bit, though, since he
thought it was supposed to do that. “No, sorry. I'm
not sure who it belongs to. Oh, sorry for not
introducing myself. I'm Yuuchi. Nice to meet you,”
Yuuchi greeted. “I'm Sora and that's Joe,” Sora
introduced. “Well, I should get back to work. I'll be
here most of the day, so if you want to visit, you're
more then welcome to,” Yuuchi mentioned after giving
the device back to Sora. “Well, that went better then
I expected it to,” Sora exclaimed after he had left.
“Yeah, he didn't even ask questions when it lit up,”
Joe admitted...

Meanwhile, back in the park, Marisa was sitting back
on the bench, listening to Matt as he explained the
situation. “So, you're saying that there's a digital
world filled with creatures called Digimon?” she
asked. “Uh-huh,” T.K. nodded. “And I have to go with
you and your friends to this `Digiworld,' along with
three other kids?” “Hard to believe, but yeah,” Matt

Marisa was quietly thinking to herself for a moment.
“That would explain all that weird stuff that happened
a few days ago,” she muttered out loud. “All those
monsters attacking, first Japan, then everywhere else
around the world. Then, there was that upside-down
island up in the sky, and that weird-looking metal
cube with that hideous creature on top...Those
creatures that attacked, where they Digimon?”

“Yeah,” Matt admitted, “but they were all evil
Digimon.” “What about that island in the sky?” Marisa
asked as she stood up. “That was File Island in the
Digiworld,” T.K. answered. “According to a friend of
ours,” Matt explained, “there's trouble back in the
Digiworld again, and we need to find four more
Digi-Destined to help us out. You're one of them, and
as soon as we find the rest, we're leaving for the

“But, I can't just leave!” Marisa exclaimed. “Oh,
don't worry, Marisa,” T.K. said cheerfully. “We'll
only be gone for a few minutes cuz time passes
differently in the Digiworld.” “It's not that, T.K.,”
Marisa explained. “You see, I'm supposed to meet my
sister here and I don't know what's taking her so
long. It's been over an hour now.” “Hey, Marisa! Sorry
I'm late,” they heard a girl shout. Marisa looked up
at the same girl that Tai ran into earlier. She was
now wearing red-and-blue striped sneakers on her feet.
Her roller blades were connected by a bungee cord and
were hanging from her shoulder. “What took you so
long, Marni?” Marisa asked as she approached her

“Well, it's a long story,” Marni explained. “Practice
took a lot longer than I thought. By the time I got
out, it was almost 12:30. I got lost for about ten
minutes, I crashed into some boy a while ago, and he
was really angry with me...” She stopped talking when
she noticed Matt and T.K. standing nearby. “Do you
know them?” Marni asked. “I just met them while I was
waiting for you,” Marisa explained. “This is Matt, and
his brother, T.K. They've been looking for...”

Before Marisa could continue, Tai and Kari arrived.
They were both out of breath from running. “Tai, Kari,
are you all right?” Matt asked as he and T.K.
approached them. “Just...give us...a minute, okay?”
Tai gasped. “You two again?” Marni exclaimed. “Where
you trying to catch up with me or something?”

An idea quickly came to Tai's head. “Umm...yeah, we
were. You see, my sister, Kari, found something on the
ground, and we think you might have dropped it.”
“Well, lemme take a look,” Marni asked. Kari walked up
to Marni and opened her hand. Lying on it was the
digivice, which was vibrating like crazy. Marni
reached out her hand to pick it up, so she could look
at it. When she touched the digivice, it lit up with a
colorful beam of light.

“Whoa, cool!” Marni exclaimed as she moved her hand
away. “I'll admit, it doesn't belong to me, but can I
have it anyway?” “Of course, you can,” Tai agreed as
Marni snatched the digivice from Kari's open hand. “It
was yours all along, anyway.” “Huh?” Marni replied,
obviously confused by what Tai said.

“I can explain everything to you, Marni,” Marisa told
her as she led her to the bench. As Marisa tried to
explain, Tai asked, “Who was that, Matt?" “That's
Marisa. She's Marni's sister,” Matt explained. “Marisa
is also one of the Digi-Destined. It'd probably be
easier for Marni if her sister explains everything to
her.” “Okay,” Tai muttered as they waited for Marisa
to wrap things up with Marni...

Izzy and Mimi eventually followed Zack to an apartment
house. He opened one of the doors and had a look in
before entering. His parents weren't home yet. He
started to put away the groceries his parents so
kindly asked him to get. Zack was almost done when
there was a knock on the door. “Be there in a minute,”
he shouted. He glanced at the clock. It couldn't be
his parents. It was too early. Of course, maybe dad
blew his job over again and just went out to get
drunk, who knew. Zack put the last of the groceries
into the fridge then went to the door.

He opened it a bit to see who it was. It was the same
two kids he ran into earlier. Zack arched an eyebrow
and opened the door up more. “What do you want?” he
asked, eyeing the kids. “Uh, we were wondering if you
could come with us,” Mimi suggested. Zack glanced at
the clock again. It was getting late, and he didn't
really feel like being home when his parents arrived
anyway. Of course, who knew what these two kids were
planning? But they were a couple of kids, so there
wasn't much that they could do, and he needed to get
away from the house anyway.

"Sure, why not? It's not like I have anything better
to do,” he replied as he walked out and closed the
door behind him. “Where to?” he asked. “The park. By
the way, this is Mimi and I'm Izzy,” Izzy introduced.
“I'm Zack,” he replied, following the kids towards the
park, where they had agreed to meet...

Yuuchi slumped on the ground, exhausted from all the
previous work. He wasn't very fond of having to help
out with their family's business, but who was he to
complain? At least he got paid well, that's all that
mattered. He summoned up enough energy to get back on
his feet. He was about to leave when he saw Sora and
Joe from earlier. They were walking towards him. He
waited for them to reach where he was currently

“Hey, you came back after all!” Yuuchi exclaimed.
“Yeah, listen, we're heading over to the park. Would
you like to come?” Sora asked. “I'd have to ask my
parents first, if you don't mind, but sure I'll join
you,” Yuuchi replied. “Good! The sooner we leave this
place, the better,” Joe muttered out loud. “Joe!” Sora
warned, eyeing him. “What? This place gives me the
creeps,” Joe admitted. “Joe, every place gives you the
creeps,” Sora retorted, rolling her eyes. “Don't
worry, there's no one to be afraid of here. Come on,
I'll take you to my house,” Yuuchi said as he walked

The two shrugged and followed Yuuchi. He led them to a
small house not too far from the park. “Umm, can you
guys stay here? I'm not sure how my mom will react to
brining total strangers to my house,” he asked,
looking the two over. “No! We should be fine,” Sora
assured him. “Thanks,” Yuuchi said as he headed into
the house. They waited a few minutes and he emerged
with a smile on his face. “Permission granted,” Yuuchi
announced. With that, the three kids headed to the
park, where they would meet the others...

“So, lemme get this straight,” Marni retorted a bit
suspiciously. “We are going to another world filled
with monsters and a bunch of other weird stuff, and we
need to save that world in order to save ours?” “From
what I understand, yeah,” Marisa replied. “Sounds
cool! When do we leave?” Marni asked excitedly,
catching everyone by surprise.

“As soon as everyone else gets here, we're outta
here,” Tai announced. “It's not that easy, Tai,” Matt
reminded him. “If our friends can't find those other
two kids...”

“Hey, Tai! We're back,” Izzy shouted. All heads turned
his way as the redhead kid approached them. He was
followed shortly by Mimi, and a fairly tall kid, who
was looking around. “You found him?” Tai asked. “Yeah.
He doesn't talk much, though,” Mimi admitted openly.
“So, these are the other kids you told me about, huh?”
Zack asked, looking the kids over. Izzy and Mimi
explained the whole situation to him on the way to the

“Well, that makes three out of four. I wonder if Joe
and Sora had any luck,” Matt wondered. Some rustling
from the bushes told them that someone else was about
to join them. “As a matter of fact, we did,” Sora
admitted, followed by Joe and a sandy-blond kid with
green eyes. Yuuchi was looking the group over when he
saw a familiar face. “Well, look who it is! Mr. Grumpy
himself,” Yuuchi proclaimed with a smile. “You know
him?” Joe asked. “We met on the bus going home one
day,” Yuuchi confessed. “Yeah, the annoying little
twirp couldn't keep his mouth shut,” Zack informed
everyone. Yuuchi gave Zack a quick dirty look.

“Okay, now that everyone met,” Marni interrupted, “how
do we get to the Digiworld?” Before anyone could
answer her, a massive beam of multi-colored light
shined down on the twelve children. Marisa gasped as
she started to rise up in the air. She looked up and
noticed that she wasn't the only one floating. “Does
that answer your question?” Yuuchi asked Marni a bit
sarcastically. Surprisingly, no one saw the twelve
kids float up in the sky and then vanish into thin

“Tai? Yoo-hoo, Tai?” The familiar voice slowly woke up
Tai. He looked into the face of his old friend,
Agumon, and for a moment, thought he was still
dreaming. “Give me a few more minutes, Mom,” he
grumbled as he lied back down and closed his eyes.
“Time to wake up, everyone!” the familiar voice of
Gatomon yelled.

An ear-piercing whistle snapped Tai into alertness,
along with everyone else. “Good morning, sleepy-head,”
Gatomon greeted Kari, who was yawning a little bit.
“Oh, Gatomon!” Kari exclaimed as she hugged her
Digimon. “Wow! You kept my whistle all this time.”
Gatomon smiled a bit as she looked down at the silver
whistle hanging from her neck. “I promised I'd keep it
with me always,” she admitted.

Tai stood up on the sandy beach and looked around. The
area looked vaguely familiar to him, yet it was
different than what he had remembered. “Agumon, are we
on File Island?” Tai asked a bit uncertainly. “Yup.
Looks different, doesn't it?” Agumon asked. “Sure
does,” Tai muttered.

“So, this is the Digiworld?” he heard Marni ask. He
and the others, including their Digimon, turned
around. Marni, Marisa, Zack, and Yuuchi were standing
there, staring curiously at the Digimon with wide eyes
and open mouths. “Yup, we're on File Island now,” Tai
replied. “Wow!” Yuuchi exclaimed, looking at the
Digimon. “Those are so cool! Do they have names?” “Uh,
yeah. This is Agumon, Gatomon, Biyomon, Gabumon,
Patamon, Palmon, Tentomon, and Gomamon,” Tai
introduced. “Guys, this is Marni, Marisa, Zack, and

“Sora?” Biyomon asked, tapping her on the arm. “Yes?”
Sora asked. “Are they the new Digi-Destined?” “Yes,
they are. How did you know about them?” Sora asked.
“Gennai explained everything to us,” Tentomon
explained, hovering in the air. “How come File Island
has changed so much?” Mimi asked as she looked around.

“Well, it's relatively simple, Mimi,” Izzy explained
as he started typing on his laptop. “Time runs
differently in the Digiworld than in our world.
Remember that a minute in our world is equivalent to
one day in the Digiworld. Let's see. We left the
Digiworld precisely three days ago, which is also
equivalent to seventy-two hours. Multiplied by sixty
minutes equals forty-three hundred minutes, which is
equivalent to four thousand and three hundred days in
the Digiworld. Divide that by 365.25 days in a

“Quit it with all the math and get to the point,
Izzy!” Tai yelled out of frustration. “Okay, okay,”
Izzy exclaimed, a bit annoyed. “Approximately eleven
years, nine months, and twenty-eight days have passed
in the Digiworld.” There were a few moments of silence
that followed. “In that period of time,” Izzy
continued, “natural changes have occurred in the
Digital environment.”

“The environment's not the only thing that has changed
here, Izzy,” Tentomon remarked. “What else is there?”
Izzy asked. “Ever since you all left, several new
kinds of Digimon have appeared all over the
Digiworld,” Tentomon explained. The kids gasped when
they heard this news. “Prodigious!” Izzy exclaimed. “I
can't wait to observe these new Digimon!”

Suddenly, some rustling was heard from a nearby bush.
Everyone froze, not knowing whether it was a good or
bad Digimon. A few moments later, a head popped out of
the bushes. It was lime-green in color with brown eyes
and looked just like Agumon's head, only it had a
curved crest on the back of its head.

The Digimon looked around at the kids. When it saw
Marisa, it gasped and bounced up and down in
excitement. As it bounced its way toward Marisa, it
exclaimed in a high squeaky voice, “I can't believe
it! I finally found you!” Marisa eyed the Digimon
nervously as it bounced around her. “What's wrong,
Marisa? Aren't you happy to see me?” it asked.

“How did you know my name?” Marisa asked, bending down
on her knees to take a better look at the excited
bouncing head. “Because I'm your Digimon, silly,” the
creature answered. “I'm Chamamon. Nice to finally meet
you, Marisa.” Marisa giggled. “Nice to meet you too,
Chamamon,” she replied with a smile.

With the appearance made by Chamamon, no one noticed
the pale pink Digimon slithering out of the bushes. It
was about the size of a small python with bright blue
eyes. It slithered its way toward Marni, but she
didn't notice since she was watching Chamamon. Marisa
looked up at her sister and froze. The pink snake was
on Marni's foot.

“Don't move,” she whispered with slight panic in her
voice. “Why? What's wrong?” Marni asked. She followed
her sister's gaze down to her feet and saw the pink
snake, which had already started to wrap itself around
Marni's leg. “Whoa!” she murmured. “Is that a
Digimon?” The snake looked up at her and replied in a
slithery voice, “What do you think, Marni?” “Are you
my Digimon?” Marni asked as the snake made its way up
her body and wrapped itself around her shoulders.
“Yesss, I am. The name isss Venomon. Pleasssure to
meet you.” It flickered its dark purple forked tongue.

“EWW!” Mimi exclaimed. “That has to be the ugliest
Digimon I've ever seen!” “Mimi!” Palmon exclaimed.
“Well, it's true,” Mimi admitted. Venomon stared
coldly at Mimi and flickered its tongue again. This
gave Mimi the shivers. “Don't be so judgmental, Mimi,”
Marni retorted as she stroked Venomon's chin.
Suddenly, a small patch of tall grass started to shake
violently. Two Digimon, never seen before by the
original Digi-Destined, rolled out of the grass and
stopped at Zack and Yuuchi's feet...

One of the two was a navy blue head, which pretty much
looked like a cat, besides the fact that it had dark
green eyes. “Hi, Zack. I'm your new friend, Cubmon,”
the little Digimon greeted. Zack blinked a few times
at this, and then arched an eyebrow. He was still
having a hard time digesting the previous information.
Yuuchi bent down to investigate the little peach thing
sitting at his feet. “And let me get this straight.
You're my Digimon, right?” Yuuchi asked with a curious
glance. “Yep, that's right. My name is Manimon, and
you're Yuuchi,” it said. Yuuchi nodded his head in

“So this world we're in right now is the Digiworld,
these things are the things you were telling us about,
and this particular thing right here is mine?” Zack
asked as he tried to figure out the mess in his mind.
“Yeah, basically,” Tai admitted. Yuuchi looked
surprised. “That's the most I've heard him talk since
I met him! I think he's getting better at this,”
Yuuchi remarked with a smile. Zack shot him a glare in

“So, what now?” Marni asked. “Well, you were already
given your digivices,” Izzy explained. “That's what
these white things are?” Marisa asked, looking at the
digivice in her hand. “Precisely,” Izzy replied. “Now,
you just need your tags and crests.” Izzy opened up
his backpack and was about to reach in when four beams
of light shot out. One was red, another was dark
green, the third was dark blue, and the last was light

The four beams of light headed straight toward Marni,
Marisa, Zack and Yuuchi. The light made an impact on
their chests, but they didn't feel any pain, which was
what they were expecting. “What the...?” Yuuchi
exclaimed. For once, he was at a loss for words. He
was wearing a necklace, from which hung a tag with a
lime-green crest. Yuuchi looked up and noticed that
the others had tags and crests just like him, only
Marni's was bright red, Marisa's was forest green, and
Zack's was cerulean blue. “Astonishing!” Izzy
exclaimed. “The tags and crests went immediately to
their owners.”

“Do these crests have any special meaning?” Zack asked
as he examined his tag. “Yes they do,” Izzy replied,
“but I'm afraid that's something you'll have to
discover on your own.” “What's that supposed to mean?”
Yuuchi retorted a bit rudely. Before anyone could
reply, Marni asked, “What's that light?” “What do you
mean?” Marisa asked.

“That light heading towards us,” Marni explained,
pointing at a glowing orange light, which was coming
closer to them. As everyone looked at the light, Sora
suggested, “Maybe it's Meramon?” Tai took out his
telescope and looked at the glowing light. “It's
definitely not Meramon,” he remarked. “Then, who is
it, Tai?” Kari asked. “I don't know, Kari,” Tai
replied. “I never seen this Digimon before. Must be
one of those new ones Tentomon was talking about.”

“Let me sssee, Tai,” Venomon requested, who was still
on Marni's shoulders. Tai approached Marni and held up
the telescope so Venomon could look through it. It
gasped when it recognized the walking blob of lava
heading towards them. “Do you recognize it, Venomon?”
Marni asked as Tai moved the telescope away. “Afraid
ssso,” Venomon muttered. “What was it?” Chamamon
asked. “It'sss Lavamon,” Venomon replied. “Oh, no!”
Chamamon exclaimed. “You heard of him?” Marisa asked.
“Uh-huh. Lavamon's bad news. He's a fiery Digimon
who'll destroy anything in his way.”

“I remember Lavamon,” Cubmon muttered angrily. “A few
days ago, he destroyed half of my village. Lavamon's
very dangerous.” “Then, why are we still standing
here?” Zack asked as he ran to the bushes, with Cubmon
in his arms. “Hey, that's actually a good idea!” Tai
remarked. “We can surprise-attack Lavamon from those
bushes! Come on, everyone.”

All the other kids and their Digimon ran into the
bushes and waited. As Lavamon came closer, Tai told
the new kids, “When Lavamon is right outside these
bushes, attack.” “Attack with what?” Zack asked, a bit
confused. “He probably means attack with our Digimon,
Zack,” Marisa whispered.

Lavamon stopped on the beach right next to the kids'
hiding place. They were already starting to sweat from
the heat of Lavamon's body. He had a hand-held
walkie-talkie in his hand. He spoke into it, “Still
can't find those kids, boss. Are you sure this is
where they landed?” There was an angry garbled
response. “Sorry, boss, it is my fault. Don't worry.
When I find those Digi-Destined, they're toast.”

“That's what you think!” Cubmon yelled as he, Manimon,
Chamamon, and Venomon jumped out of the bushes.
Lavamon looked down at the Digimon and laughed. “You
really think you can take me on, little ones?” he
retorted. The four Digimon attacked with their Bubble
Blow simultaneously. All four Bubble Blows struck
Lavamon in the eyes. “Ahh!” he screamed in pain as he
covered his eyes. The kids quickly emerged from the
bushes with their Digimon. “We'll take it from here,”
Tai told Marni, Marisa, Zack, and Yuuchi.

“All right, guys. “Let's show this hot head what we're
made of!” Tai shouted. “Pepper Breath!” Agumon
shouted, releasing a ball of fire at Lavamon. The
attack hit the Digimon also. “Tai, that thing's a fire
Digimon. Agumon can't hurt him!” Izzy reminded him.
“Spiral Twister!” Biyomon shouted as a green spiral
came out of her beak. This attack also hit Lavamon,
but again, he didn't seem fazed. “Blue Blaster!”
Gabumon shouted. “Poison Ivy!” Palmon shouted, only to
get her vines set on fire. “Flames of Rage!” Lavamon
shouted, sending fire everywhere.

“It doesn't look good for our side,” Yuuchi informed
the others from the bushes. “I think you're right,”
Marni admitted. “Marching Fishes!” Gomamon shouted.
“Super Shocker!” Tentomon shouted. “Boom Bubble!”
Patamon shouted. “Lightning Paw!” Gatomon shouted. The
four Digimon all attacked at once, only to be knocked
down by Lavamon's Flames of Rage.  

“Come on, you guys! We have to help them!” Chamamon
shouted. “Right!” Cubmon agreed. Suddenly, the four
digivices that belonged to the kids started to react.
“Venomon digivolve to...Sssnakemon.” “Cubmon digivolve
to...Cheetamon.” “Chamamon digivolve to...Chamelamon.”
“Manimon digivolve to...Nanmimon.”

“Let's go take care of that big bully once and for
all!” Cheetamon yelled. The four kids just stared in
astonishment. “Right!” they all chorused. The four
Digimon jumped out of the bushes. “Lightning Slash!”
Cheetamon shouted. His long claws sprung out and
electricity started to build up around them. He
slashed the air, sending electricity in the shape of
claw marks straight toward Lavamon. “Psybeam!”
Nanmimon shouted. The green triangle on his forehead
started to glow and a beam of light shot out.
“Poissson Sssting!” Snakemon shouted. He opened his
mouth and a dozen glowing white needles flew out.
“Fire Spin!” Chamelamon shouted. She opened her mouth
and a spiral of fire flew out.

The four attacks combined hit Lavamon in the stomach.
He groaned and bent over in pain. “All right!”
Cheetamon, Nanmimon, Snakemon and Chamelamon cheered.
“Way to go,” Marni exclaimed as she, Marisa, Zack, and
Yuuchi came out from behind the bushes. “Don't
celebrate yet!” Marisa gasped as Lavamon stood up. The
four kids quickly joined the other Digi-Destined. “Any
ideas, cuz we sure could use a good one right now!”
Zack exclaimed.

“We'll attack together!” Cheetamon suggested. “I don't
know,” Zack muttered uncertainly. “Come on! We can do
it,” Chamelamon encouraged the other Digimon. “There's
twelve of us and only one of him. We gotta try, at
least!” “What are you puny little Digimon gonna try
now?” Lavamon asked sarcastically. “Pepper Breath!”
“Spiral Twister!” “Blue Blaster!” “Marching Fishes!”
“Super Shocker!” “Boom Bubble!” “Lightning Paw!”
“Lightning Slash!” “Psybeam!” “Poissson Sssting!”
“Fire Spin!”

All eleven attacks struck Lavamon simultaneously. Upon
impact, Lavamon screamed in pain and disintegrated.
“Yeah!” all of the kids cheered simultaneously. His
walkie-talkie dropped in the sand. “LAVAMON!” a deep
voice squeaked through the walkie-talkie. Tai
approached the walkie-talkie and was about to pick it
up when it disintegrated...

Unbeknownst to the Digi-Destined, they were being
watched. “They destroyed Lavamon, and all the Digimon
were Rookies!” replied the same deep voice, which was
coming from a throne veiled in dark shadows, covering
the image of the creature. “Doesn't matter, though.
Lavamon was weak, and he's not the only ace I have up
my sleeve. Isn't that right?” Several pairs of glowing
red eyes appeared around the throne as the mysterious
creature on the throne laughed evilly...TO BE