The Ring of Despair

By: Kyra


The entire group of Digidestineds were resting in a clearing. Izzy was typing away on his computer, Joe, Mimi, Kari, TK, and the Digimon were eating, and Sora was trying to break up a fight between Tai and Matt. Key word there: trying.

“Look Matt! Just because you think it's a good idea to do whatever it is that you want to do, it dosn't mean that we should!” Tai shouted, glaring at Matt.

“Well, excuse me, Mr. Perfect, I just want to make sure that Myotismon isn't planning to attack!” Matt snarled back, “Yeah, sure, with your plan we all just wait for him to come and kill us!”

“What's wrong with resting?”

“What's wrong with being safe?”

Sora stepped in, “C'mon guys, be reasonable. Let's rest for awhile, and then lets check out the place. Okay?”

Both boys, arms crossed and backs turned to eachother, nodded stiffly.

“Good,” Sora said, “Now, why don't you get something to eat. I'm starved, to say so myself.” Sora walked off, and both Tai and Matt followed her.

“So, what are we going to do?” Joe asked.

“Yeah,” Izzy said, “We heard you guys, um, discussing it.”

“We are going to scope this place out after lunch.” Tai said, frowning, “Matt thinks that Myotismon is going to come back.” The sarcasm on Tai's voice was impossible to miss.

“He might!” Matt said defensivly, clenching his fists.

“Guys, guys.” Joe said, “Look, let's not get all mad at eachother. Sure, after lunch we'll look around.”

“But my feet hurt!” Mimi complained.

Izzy rolled his eyes, “Be quiet Mimi, please?”


After lunch, everyone split up. Tai, Sora, Kari, Joe and their Digimon partners went one way, and Matt, TK, Mimi, Izzy and their Digimon partners went the other way. Obviously, Tai and Matt couldn't stand being near each other, so they had set out as quick as they could away from each other.

“Slow down, Matt!” TK said, running alongside his older brother. Matt had run away from the campsite like it was on fire, and, to say so at least, the others didn't really care for that.

“Why are you running, Matt?” Gabumon asked, shuffling to Matt's side.

“I just....want to get....away...from that I could.” Matt gasped.

“You know, you guys get into way too many fights.” Tentomon added.

“Put a sock in it Tentomon.” Matt said simply.

“What's a sock?”

Matt sighed, “Just please, be quiet.”

Tentomon stopped talking. Matt sat for awhile with his head in his hands, thinking. TK, Mimi, Palmon, Tentomon, and Patamon rested, falling asleep, despite the fact that they were supposed to be searching around the place.

“Um, shouldn't we be examing our surroundings?” Izzy asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Go ahead, Izzy.” Matt muttered, “We'll follow you later.”

After considering, Izzy walked around in the trees, trying to figure out if there was any point in doing so. Their Digimon friends had already pointed out the good foods, and it wasn't as if there were people around.

Izzy frowned. He had just seen a very odd looking stone. On the stone was a small indention of a hand print. Curious, Izzy knelt down and examined it. It looked like it was a fairly old rock, yet the hand was so precise and exact that it was hard to believe that it was old.

Izzy pulled out his laptop and clicked it on. Thankfully, he had recharged his batteries in the real world. He logged on-line, which was yet another advantage that having a cross to the real world had.

Izzy went to research stones, but once he had gotten to the web site, he suddenly didn't want to do research. Picking up the stone, he once again examined the indention of the hand print. Slowly, Izzy pressed his right hand in the print, wondering if it meant anything.

The trees whirling.......

A sudden flash of light.......

........and then darkness.


Tai was furious. Walking away from the others, he `examined' his surroundings. Actually, all he did was kick a few rocks around, but he was so angry that he didn't care.

“Tai, are you okay?” Sora said, coming up behind him.

“No, I'm not,” Tai answered, “Matt is a total jerk. I swear, he only disagrees with me to disagree with me!”

“Well, you two do have a lot of fights.” Sora replied.

“Yeah,” Agumon said.

“It's just that, his excuse is that he's stressed from having to watch TK. Well, I have to watch Kari, don't I?” Tai said, clenching his fists.

Sora sighed, “Look Tai. I'm not going to take sides. But you and Matt are both equally guilty for fighting, and it's bringing the group down. We can't get anything done if we're mad at eachother.”

“Yeah, I know,” Tai admitted, “But sometimes he makes me so mad!”

“Well, why don't you say that you're sorry?” Sora said, “C'mon, it's been almost an hour, we should head back.”

Their group headed back toward the camp site, where they found no one. After another hour, they started to get worried and went out looking for then. Soon, the group found the other group asleep.

“Oh, yeah, great searching.” Tai said sarcastically when he saw them.

“WAKE UP!!!” Gomamon shouted. The sleeping kids jerked awake as Gomamon laughed hysterically.

“Ugh....what was that for?” Mimi asked.

“Why did you do that, Gomamon?” Patamon said.

“A simple shake on the sholder would have sufficed,” Tentomon added. Gomamon was laughing to hard to answer them.

“Why were you guys sleeping?” Tai asked, “Weren't you going to look around?”

“Look, I ran off and accidentally fell asleep, your Majesty, excuse me!” Matt replied, glaring at Tai. It seemed like another full blown fight was on the way when Sora, yet again stepped in.

“Stop it!” she yelled. The boys stared at her in amazment as she continued, “Now, say you're sorry. Both of you.”

“Sorry,” both boys almost inaudibly mumbled, making it obvious that they didn't mean it.

Sora sighed. Then, she glanced around and realized that one person was missing, “Hey, where's Izzy?”

“Yeah, wasn't he with you guys?” Gatomon said.

“I think he went that way,” Matt said, pointing towards a group of trees, “He was looking around.”

“Like you were supposed to.” Tai muttered.

“Well, let's find him, and get back to camp, I'm tired.” Mimi said.

“Me too.” Kari agreed.

Instantly, the group walked into the trees. After walking a bit, and calling Izzy's name, they sumbled across something. It was Izzy's labtop!

Izzy's laptop was sitting open by a small tree, and by where a small stream was running. The carrying case for the laptop was underneath it, holding the digital camera and the small cell phone. It looked like Izzy had searched around for awhile, and then decided to sit down and work on his computer again. All of Izzy's stuff was there.

But Izzy wasn't.


Joe gasped, “All right. What did Izzy say he was going to do, Matt?”

“He said he was looking around,” Matt said, “Look, he's probably just goofing off somewhere. There's no need to get this worried.”

Tai raised an eyebrow, “Even if he was, which I would doubt because Izzy isn't like that, he wouldn't just leave his stuff out like this. It dosn't make sense.”

Sora knelt down beside the labtop and looked at what was on the screen. Then, rising up with the laptop still in her hands, she said, “He was researching stones. I wonder why?”

“It looks like he left in a real hurry.” Mimi said, glancing around, a worried look on her face, “What if a big mean Digimon came and attacked him?”

“I doubt that,” Tentomon said, more worried than anyone, “It appears that he just disappeared or something, considering that there are no signs of a struggle.”

“Hey, what's this?” Gomamon said, sniffing by the stream. He then held up a small stone with the enbelum of a hand etched on it.

“I don't know, Gomamon, what does that have to do with searching for Izzy?” Joe said.

“I dunno.” Gomamon answered. He put the rock down, but then picked it up again for some reason. Looking at it curiously, he put it in Joe's bag for safekeepping.

“Okay. We should all spread out and search for Izzy. Why he is gone is beyond me but ----” Tai started to say, before he was interrupted by Matt.

“Maybe the `not going to show up' Myotismon got him.” Matt said sarcastically, “It's the only reason I can think of that Izzy would just disappear.”

Tai turned around to face Matt, furious, “That's because you have a small brain,” Tai said, “But frankly, I couldn't care less. If you want to fight, let's put it off until later, because now we have to find Izzy.”

Matt glowered, and then he blushed and turned away, mad at Tai for getting the better of him. Joe sighed, and then turned away to search in the east side.

“Hey, where're ya going Joe?” Gomamon asked, catching up to him. The others looked at him as well.

“I'm looking over here. We should all split up because we can cover more ground that way.” Joe replied simply. Tai nodded.

“Yeah. Kari and I will go this way, Joe, you can go that way, and Sora and Mimi that way. That leaves over here for you and T.K., Matt.” Tai said.

The group split up, but promised to meet back in one hour for further news.


Huh....where am I.....?

What's going on.....?

All I can see are....shapes....

Why can't I move?

My arms....they're strapped down....

Same with my legs....

What's going on....?

I'm so tired....

Where is everyone....?

Why am I here....?

Where is here...?

What happened?