The Other Side of Evil

By GatomonGirl

     Pretty original title, don't you think? I basically made this whole
fanfic up as a daydream and just wrote it down. This is from the
POV of my character. This is what would have happened in the
first episodes of Digimon 02 if my character had been there. I
have no idea when it's set, you pick a time.

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Chapter One

     From where I was, I could see one of the boys on our soccer
team, I think his name was Davis, run over to his friends. “Hey!”,
he said to the his group of friends, “Guess what? We have a new
player on our team, she's supposed to be even better that Ken,
her name's Kelly!”. He pointed at me. I waved and ran to the
bench. Maybe I better introduce myself. I'm Kelly Resata. I was
the star player of my soccer team in America. I just moved to
Japan so my mom could keep her job. We were about to have a
game with the team that Ken Ichijouchi was on. It was my first
game with this team, and I was looking forward to it. “Hey
coach!”, I called. “Can I sit out for a little while? You know, to get
an idea of what the other team's like?”  “Sure, if you want to”, he
answered. I sat on the bench to watch the game.

                    *          *          *

     It was about halfway into the game, no score on either side. We
had called a time out and the team was gathered on the
sidelines. I was in the middle, since I was the team coach. “Ok
everyone”, I said, “ I'm going in now. Me and a few others, say
Davis, Kara, and Mat, will handle offense, but we're gonna need
backup. Everyone else, make sure you have good defense.” The
coach sent us back on the field. To my surprise, Ken was
coming out on the field too. The minute the ball hit the ground, I
kicked it to Davis.
     The whole second half of the game was like that. Me passing to
Davis, Davis to Kara, Kara to Mat, and so on. We scored 9 goals.
Of course, the other team scored 8, but they had their own star
player. On the last play of the game, Ken was running for the
goal with the tying goal. No one on my team but me was
anywhere near. I slid and kicked the ball out from in front of him.
The rest of the team went wild! Unfortunately, in the process of
blocking Ken, I had sprained my ankle. As I limped off the field,
Ken himself came up to me. “You're a really good soccer player,”
he said calmly, “Sorry about your ankle though.” “No problem,” I
answered. “i've had worse.” Davis and Kara came over to help
me to the bench. Everyone was cheering and happy, we had
beat the best, the team that Ken Ichijouchi was on!
 *          *          *
     Later that day, I was at school working on fixing one of the
computers in the lab, when I saw Davis and a couple of his
friends look in. They saw me and ran. “Hey! Wait!” I called after
them. I tried to catch up, but the cast on my ankle stopped me
 from running after them. I saw them go in the other computer lab
and leaned against the wall to wait till they came out. A couple of
minutes later I saw a bright light flash and ran in. There was no
sign of any of them. Ok, something really weird is going on here.
I thought. As I looked around, a picture on the screen of the
computer caught my eye. It seemed to be just a bunch of little
black and white squares, but when I clicked on one, a bunch of
info came up. “Full Metal City? Death Valley? Who came up with
these names anyway?” I muttered. I tried clicking on another
one. Suddenly, a comet of light shot out of the screen and landed
in my hands. As the light faded, it revealed an odd purple digital
device in my hands. I held it up to look at. What the heck? I tried
holding it next to the computer. A bright light enveloped me and I
saw what looked like bits of computer data and numbers flying
past me. I caught a glance of an odd looking world before I hit
the ground and blacked out.

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