Myotismon's Heir

By Aeris Gainsborough

Disclaimer's Note: I do not own Digimon. Just the four new digidestined, Sarah, Peter, Spiritmon, Demiomon, and Peter's family. And please forgive any grammer mistakes.

Time Line: This story takes place during the episode: Piedmon's Last Jest. The Digidestined have defeated Piedmon
but Gennia (Pronounced: Jen-eye) hasn't e-mailed them yet. That'll happen, but not for a long, long time. (I mean, long!) Also, the story will be from my point of view until about the third or fourth chapter. Then I'll switch from one person to another.

Authors Note:  I haven't finished the story yet, so if you want to e-mail me, about comments or ideas, my e-mail
address is
 Okay, the story's going to start now. Hope you like it!!


               The Digidestined have finally defeated The Dark Masters, each putting up an amazing fight.
               They waited for Gennia's promised appearance, but he never came!
                 "Yes! Ha, ha!" shouted a victorious Tai, and the others joined in the cheering.
                "I still can't believe it!" gasped Sora, "We actually beat the Dark Masters!" Matt laughed as
                he and Joe slapped each other on the back, T.K. and Kari happily hugged each other, while
                Izzy plopped down on a log, looking unbeieving and ashen faced, he had a hand on his heart,
               and was taking deep breaths.
                  Mimi just stood there, a smile was on her face and tears streaming down her cheeks.
               "What's the matter Mimi?" Tai stopped celebrating long enough to see his friend's tears.
               "Oh, it's nothing, really." Mimi spoke softly, "I'm just happy all the fighting and violence is
               finally over!" By this time, the others had stopped to listen. "Oh, Mimi." said Sora, "That's okay."
               "We understand Mimi." Matt put in, Joe patted Mimi's hand in a comforting way, "It's okay
               to cry Mimi."
                After two days of waiting for Gennia, the Digidestined decided to go and visit their friends,
               who were working to rebuild the Primary Village, but they never got there. Because something     
               came up, something that they'd never had expected, and something that changed Matt's life forever.

                  Myotismon's Heir
              Chapter One
               We were on a cruise ship, headed for Hawaii, were we'd meet up with our friends. Oh, by
               the way, my name's Jessica. I'm 12, four feet, one and a half inches, slim, and with dark
               brown hair that goes down to about my mid-back. I read a lot and love to write.
                   I laughed as I watched my brothers, Jacob and Jordan wrestle on the floor. Then, after I'd
               gotten tired of watching them, I hit play on my walk-man and turned back to my letter. I was
               writting to my best friends, 13 year old Abby and Josh, her 12 year old brother. Humming
               to the music, I wrote, (I can't wait to see you again. It'd be so much more fun if you were here,
               but I'll be seeing you soon, once we get to Hawaii, so that doesn't really...) "Ooof!" The table                                        
rocked as Jacob and Jordan bumped into it. My pencil skidded across the paper.
                  "Hey! Watch it!" I snapped. "Sorry." Jordan said, getting off the floor and dusting himself off.
                "It won't happen agian."
                   At 14, Jordan was the oldest. With sandy brown hair and almond brown eyes, he has a
               good sense of humor but is also a good brother, and never hesitates to reprimand us if we
               step out of line.
                 "Riiight..." I shook my head. "Whatever."
                 "It won't," 9 year old Jacob jumped off the ground, with short black hair and black eyes,
               he was the youngest. He's also a terror and can be a brat at times, but he's really kinda
               sweet....When he's not wreaking havoc somewhere.
                 " 'Cause I'm going up on deck!"
               He rushed over to the door and opened it, "Race ya, Jordan!" and he was gone.
                  Jordan sighed, "I guess I'm going to have to go after him. Unless you'd want to....."
               "Uh uh." I shook my head and pushed him toward the door, "Nice try, but I did it last time"
                  "Okay." Jordan said, "Lock the door behind me, and don't let anyone in if you don't know
               them!"  "I know!" I told him, "I'm 12, remember? I can take care of my self!!"  "I know. But
               mom put me in  charge." Jordan reminded me. "You know I trust you, but Jacob's another
                 I shoved Jordan out of the door, "Hurry! Before Jacob goes and destorys something, or
               finds his way into the engine room agian!"  I watched Jordan run after my brother before
               shutting and locking the door. "Jacob! Wait up!" I heard him yell. I giggled to my self. "Boys."
                  The Digiworld
               They were camped out for night....As they had for for days. When Gennia didn't show up to
               bring them back home, they had decided to go and visit the Primary Village and all the Digi-
               mon that were there helping to re-build it, but it would take a while to get there.
                   "I wonder why Gennia didn't come to bring us back?" Izzy said, for about the sixth time
               that night. "Do you think there's another Dark Master to defeat?" Sora asked doubtfully, and
               lifting her head off Tai's shoulder, she looked up at him with questioning eyes.
                 They had already confessed their love and were a happy couple.
                 Tai shook his head, "Nope, I think we took care of them all." Tai said confidantly, but in
               his mind, he also had doubts, 'What if Sora's right? Can we really beat another Dark
               Master?' he thought. Sora sighed and placed her head back on Tai's shoulder, he put an
               arm around her and hugged her reassuringly.
                  Matt looked around at everybody. They were quiet and seemed so scared. It bothered
               him. The only ones who looked peaceful were T.K., Kari, and the Digimon. But they were
                  "Come on!" Matt said loudly, which startled the others. "Tai's right, I know for a fact there
               was only four of them, and if there is another evil Digimon, don't you guys think we can
               take care of them like we did you all others?"  He looked around challengingly, "Well?"
                  "I think Matt's right." Joe said, catching on "Remember Myotismon? He was really hard
               to  beat, but we got new Megas, and with the power of our crests, we did beat him." He
               nodded over to Kari, "And we also found the eigth Digidestined, then we went on defeat the
               Dark Masters." He glanced around. "And there was only four; Metal Seadramon,"
                  "Who I took out with Wargreymon! Piece a cake!!" Tai yelled, he still got hyped when
               he thought about it. Sora jumped and looked at Tai, surprised.
                  "Shh." Mimi scolded, "You've got to be quieter, the Digimon." she nodded in their
               direction, they were all sleeping soundly next to T.K. and Kari. "Opps, sorry." Tai                                                        
           reddened slightly and Sora giggled at him, then rested her head on his shoulder agian.
                  Giving Tai a distianful look, Joe continued. "Puppetmon," Matt smiled in the darkness
               as he relived the memory, his eyes staring into the crackling fire. "That guy was easy!"
               He comented.
                  "Machindramon," Joe continued, "Who WarGreymon sliced like an onion!" Tai exploded,                                          
             jumping up from his seat, and making Sora fall off their log. "SHHH!!!" The others all stared
               at him. "Heh heh."  Tai chuckled nervously and helped Sora back up, then sat down, his face
               as red as a cherry.
                   "Piedmon." Joe finished, and he looked exasperated.
                   "T.K. took care of him." Mimi said quietly, "But I wasn't there to see it."
                   "You wouldn't of seen it anyway." Izzy comented, "And I don't think you would've liked being
               a key-chain."
                   "No, but still, I'd have liked to be there." She pouted.
                   They all laughed.   
                      Infinity Mountian
                  In a castle on Infinity Mountain, someone was watching the Digidestined.
                    "Those foolish children!" A soft, yet hardened voice spoke out of the darkness, and the
               shadowed voice of a girl walked out infront of a mirror-like-bubble. "I'll let them rest, for
               soon they will pay for the pain they have caused me."
                    Another figure appeared, but this one was shorter, only coming up to his companion's
               waist, his pointed hat came up to her elbow. "Are you sure about this?" He asked, "Your
               father and many others have tried to defeat and distroy the Digidestined, but they all
               failed! What makes you think you can?"
                  The girl laughed softly, it was a hard, cruel laugh. "My father and the others were all fools,
               they underestamated them, but I have learned from their mistakes and will not make the
               same. I assure you."
                  Walking back to my desk, I picked up my headphones, hit play agian, and quickly finished
               my letter. After that was done I put it in an envelope and thought of what to do next.
                   "I think I'll head on down to the pool." I said to no one in particular. I quickly changed into
               my bathing suit and picked up the letter from the table. "You'll get mailed tonight, little one."
               I told it. "Tonight's when they let lose the pigions."
                  We'd been on this cruise about two weeks, and once a week, they let lose these Carrier                                               
pigions at six pm, which was really cool to watch. Alomost romantic.
                  I left the room, being careful to lock the door and pin the key to my towel.
                    Walking past the ship's post office, I dropped the letter in the slot. "Hi ya, Jess." The man
               behind the conter waved, "Hi Bob." I said, waving back.
                   "Headin' for the pool?"
                   "Uh uh."
                   "Have fun!"
                    I laughed and headed for the deck. Where I took a left and came into sight of the pool.
                    "Ahh." I sighed, "Water."  I slipped off my towel and dove in.
                     A couple hours later, I left the pool and headed across deck, where I saw my brothers
                talking to a boy with ebony hair, it was pointed with gel and the tips were died golden.
                   "Great..." I thought, "A.J.'s on the same boat we are. Is there any way too get rid of this
                   A.J. was about 13 years old, and had a very dark tan. He also had black eyes, and all in
                all, wasn't that bad looking. I'd probably even like him, if he wasn't such a jurk.
                   Reaching the table, I forced a smile. "Hello A.J." I said politely, and sat down next to Jordan.
                And across from A.J.
                   "Hey, Jessie." A.J. smiled back at me. I grimaced, I hated that name. "Shut up." I replied.
                    "Guess what, Jess?" Jake looked at me from his seat, which was on A.J.'s side. 'Do I
                 really want to know?' I thought, but out loud, I asked, "What?"
                    "A.J.'s staying with us! I called mom and she said that since he's going to Hawaii too,
                 he could stay with us 'till his relatives come back from their business trip!! Isn't that great?"
                 Jacob made it sound like it was the best thing in the world. But then, A.J. was Jake's best
                   "Have you called Mrs. Larson and seen if it was alright with her?" I asked suscpicously,                                             
          Jacob nodded, "Yep, she said a friend of our was a friend of hers and that he's very welcome
                 to stay."
                   "Great." I said in a way that said I meant the exact opposite. I felt like banging my head
                agianst the table. 'Crap,' I thought, 'Why A.J.? Why did it have to be A.J.?'
                    Seeing my discomfort, Jordan quickly explained, "They'll be back the Wensday after we
                get to Hawaii. That'll only be four days."
                    I sighed, my mom had been inviting A.J. to sleep over more times then I could count.
                   A.J. hadn't said anything since he said hi. I wondered at this, since he usually talked a lot.
                I looked at him, and noticed him staring at me. Turning scarlet, I quickly excused myself from
                the table, and headed for my cabin. Now that I knew he stared, that'd be the last time A.J. saw                                        
me in a bathing suit!
                   'A.J.' I thought, 'You no good little......' my thoughts were inturupted when I bumped into a woman.
                "Oh." I gasped, "I'm SO sorry." The woman didn't listen, she seemed worried.
                   "Ma'am?" I asked, and she looked at me, her eyes clearing. "Oh, I'm sorry." She said, "It's
                 just I can't find my son!" She looked on the verge of tears. "I left him in our cabin when he was
                 on the computer, that was two or three hours ago! When I came back, he was gone!"
                    My anger of A.J. dissapeared instantly and was replaced with pity. "I'm so sorry, how old was
                he?" I asked, hoping to help, the woman seemed to understand. "He was eight. His name is Ken,                                  
          he's short, with dark blue hair."
                    "Ken," I repeated, "Ken....?"
                "Oh, Ichijoji." The woman said, "Ken Ichijoji."
                    I nodded, "Thank you. I'll try to find him, Mrs. Ichijoji. I promise to try to help."
                    Mrs. Ichijoji looked like I was a miracle. "Oh thank you!" She exclaimed, "I'd really appreciate
                that." I nodded agian and we went on our ways. 'Ken Ichijoji.' I thought. 'I'd better remember that.'                                                                                                                                                __________________       
                While it was day on earth, darkness coved the digiworld. The only light was the now familar
                star constellations and moon. (Oh, and of course the fire.)
                   The kids all found comfortable sleeping places, and due to the fear of a new evil digimon,
                each child had a partner. So everyone had a person at their backs, and a digimon sleeping
                at the head and feet of their owners.
                   Tai paired up with Matt, Sora and Mimi, Izzy and Joe, and T.K and Kari.
                   Soon, all the children sleeping soundly. All that is, except Matt. Who'd been having trouble                                        
sleeping for weeks now.
                   After hours of tossing and turning, Matt decided it was time for a walk. And being careful
                not to wake Tai, Agumon, or Gabumon, Matt got up and walked off into the woods.
                   "Why me?" He thought, "Why am I always the one who can never get to sleep!? What did
                I do so wrong that I deserve this?" He knew the answer to that one. And it was his own fault it
                happened. It was his decision to leave the group and go searching for his own destiny.
                  And it was also his decision to attack Tai. Now he had to live with the consequences.
                Matt sighed, and trugged on, when he heard the fluttering of wings and a strange glowing                                             
yellow-greenish light caught his eye, "What the......"

                    Around this time, I was done changing and had just finished drying my long brown hair.
                Still muttering curses at A.J. under my breath, I quickly grabbed a scrunchy, and tied my
                hair in a braid, which I wrapped into a bun.
                    Then I grabbed my walkman and hooked it to its usual spot on my jeans pocket,
                placed the headphones on my neck and headed for the door.
                     I opened it and was half way through when I heard a noise and felt a yellow-greenish light
                wash over me. I turned to see what it was. And the next second, I almost passed out......

Okay people. That's the end of chapter one. How'd you like it?
No I'll be doing chapter two. Do you remember those bubbles
 DemiDevimon use to communicate with Myotismon? Well, the
dark figure also uses them. But she uses them to spy on the
Digidestined and to watch other worlds.