Darth Vader and the Digi Destined!
By Melissa

     It was late at night and everyone lay sleeping in the digi world except
for Tai.  He lay wide awake trying to get some rest.  Then T.K. woke up.
     “Tai?”  said T.K.
     “Yes T.K.?”  Tai asked.
     “Are you awake?”
     “Yes T.K.?”
     “I've gotta go potty.”
     “But where's the rest room?”
     “Just go in the bushes.”
     “No way!”
     “Okay!  Do what you want.  Hold it for all I care.”
     “Okay.”  Suddenly, Agumon woke up.
     “Something's wrong,” he said.
     “What is it?” whispered Tai.
     “I don't know.”  Suddenly, out of the bushes came Darth Vader
swinging his red light saber as he almost chopped T.K.'s head off!
     “Ha!  Ha!  I shall finally get you digi destined!  Ha!  Ha!”  All of the
rest of them by now had woken up.
     “What's going on?”  asked Matt.
     “I thought that Darth Vader was only a made up character!”  Mimi
     “He looks real to me!”  Joe remarked.
     “Pepper breath!”  Agumon said as he aimed at Darth Vader, but he hit
it with his light saber which bounced off of it and hit Agumon!
     “Agumon!  No!”  said Tai.  “Why are you trying to get us?”
     “Because your little digimon show has become more popular than Star
Wars!  I want revenge!”  Just then, out of nowhere came James Bond 007 and
Indiana Jones!
     “We've been looking for you Vader.  We knew about your evil
     “Drat!  Just when I was about to take care of them, these guys had to
come!”  Vader then used the force to take their weapons away!
     “It looks hopeless!”  said Sora.  Then, Luke came!
     “Vader!  Leave the kids, Indi, and 007 alone!  Your fight is with me!”
Luke and Darth Vader started fighting with their light sabers.
     “The force is strong with this one!”  Vader said.  They fought and
     “I think I'm gonna wet my pants!”  T.K. said.
     “I will never join you!”  Luke said.  “You killed my father!”
     “No Luke.  I' am your father.”
     “No!  That's impossible!  No!”
     “Join me.  And we can rule the digi world as father and son!”  It was
now their chance!
     “Pepper breath!”
     “Cooling blaster!”
     “Super shocker!”  With Agumon, Gabumon, and Tentomon's powers
combined, they were able to send Darth Vader flying all the way to the other
side of the island!
     “Father,”  said Luke.
     “Don't worry Luke,”  Tai mumbled, “you're better off without him.”
Then Gennai came.
     “Luke?”  Gennai said.
     “Obeone?”  said Luke.
     “Wow!”  They said together.
     “What's going on?” asked Izzy.
     “I was Ben Canobe before I was Gennai!  And now I can finally be
with Luke again!”
     “This is weird!”  Matt said.
     “Well what do you expect?  Everything is weird in the digi world!”
said Joe.
     “Oh!  T.K.  You can go to the bathroom now.” said Tai.
     “Um........Uh.......too late!”